Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Turnabout Party Offerings!

I arrived at the Turnabout yesterday to take these pictures and found a party in full swing. No booze--just a bunch of ladies oohing and awing over the offerings. Over the weekend a full contingent of ladies had come into the shop and put out an amazing group of goodies. Here you see the ones in the front cabinet.
I think this cabinet speaks for itself. I love the birds. Look at the glass bowl on the left lower shelf. It is a beauty.
Offerings here include that great silver platter just waiting for your roasted turkey and the delicate blue vase on the third shelf from the bottom.
A night sky filled with wonders; the pink necklace is truly astounding.
There was such a crush of us in the shop that I couldn't take a picture of the Dollar Rack but thought this doll display above the front cupboard made up for it. I'm told the little white doll is quite precious. I was given her name but do you think I can remember it? Too much partying!