Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Books! Books! Books!

We have some great gift books now, which, given that the Holidays will be upon us before we know it, is something to keep squirreled away in one's brain. This book is amazing. See that picture of migrating birds? It would have been better to have been there but if you couldn't without plunking down a lot of cash, a book is a good thing.
This book features this crazy pig climbing into a chopper. He is definitely confused. I think this picture resides in a book called "We Americans".
An amazing assemblage of books: birds and mazes of all kinds from around the world--for the scientifically inclined.
This is an interesting pairing. Here we have a statue of someone famous--a copy of something valued by all who know art. Right behind it is a large platter that looks to be from the same era, a copy of course. How about that.

Again we have the Dollar Rack and it is absolutely crammed with great stuff!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Bonanza-Part Overseen By A Bear and A Duck

I am getting to love this cupboard, made with a rich brown wood. It takes a little shifting around to get a picture of it, I have to say! Again, given my laziness, I'm not sure what's here. Lower right, a pin? Surely that's some lovely beads next to it? I know some of those silver buttons are still here, and I see a fascinating chunky necklace all the way to the left.
Here we have another contest between night skies: above a lovely jumble of beads to the left; below, another jumble to the left of a much more refined nature, but is it as much fun? I vote for fun!
See that doll just below, peering out from the second shelf? I have a collection of Storybook Dolls--trying to replace some I lost as a child. That doll with the lovely hat, OK, so she's not a Storybook Doll, but she is tempting! I wonder if my dolls would stick up their noses at her. There's also some lovely Depression Glass to the right on the top shelf, and that wonderful Army Coffee Pot is still there. Waiting for the price to come down? At any price, it's a winner!
Below a silly, stern bear, overseeing his territory. Little brown bear to the right seems to be in awe, sitting so close to His Majesty! The bear has quite a territory; look at all the things on display. There's a great pair of ceramic ears of corn that was hiding before, but now out in full view.
That duck, poor fellow, doesn't belong here. He belongs on a shelf in a child's room in a lake place in Minnesota or Wisconsin. I come from both states: born in one and moved to the other and believe me I know!
Some really great things on the Dollar Rack this week. It's a wonder they could squeeze them all in!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Night Sky With Feathers: What Could Be Better?

I'm hoping, should you go shopping at the Turnabout soon, you will still find some of these beauties. While I worked at the shop last Thursday, the delicate necklace below the necklace with turquoise was sold.
Tennis Rackets with Lamps and Flowers. I love the way they all work together and it happened the way the best things often happen--by accident!

I can hardly wait until I can expand this first picture of the night sky. Scrumptious!
Which night sky is better? It's a toss up, not to be decided until they are both out there in all their glory.
Is this a picture of a teapot and a water pitcher and a cup without a handle? And what is hiding in lower center? The cover for the teapot? You tell me. All I know is I enjoyed looking at this beautifully framed print in the shop last Thursday.
The feathers you see here may be from a Pheasant, like many I used to see in our yard in Minnesota. I hope this bird isn't deceased--but probably that's the way this gorgeous array arrived at the shop. What to do with them? Creativity is called for!
This Dollar Rack was outside basking in the sun last Thursday. I hope the shop still has the same Dollar Rack but you will have to find out for yourself, I'm afraid.