Saturday, March 21, 2015


Can't you see this wonderful steam locomotive chugging away and hear that long, lonely whistle in the night?  Or maybe this is too early for that that particular sound of a whistle and the bell is all you'd hear?  All of your railroad aficionados--what say?
I believe there's a wonderful Railroad Museum in Sacramento that might sport such a wonderful bit of Railroad lore.  I hope so--surely such a work of art must be available to be seen somewhere!

This is a painting that's at the shop right now and strange to say, it's unsigned.   I love the blossoms and the lovely ribbons it sports. Another nice plus--it's 1/2 off as is all the art at the Turnabout Shop at this time!

Annie is in charge of jewelry at the  shop and finds absolutely fantastic jewelry!  I  think you'll agree that this assortment fits in with that accolade!

A pair of baseball gloves, complete with a baseball glove!  Hurry up, all you baseball Dads--as these will certainly find an owner soon!

Another wonderful bits of jewelry, thanks to Annie!

I had to show these off!  A wonderful set of knives and  forks and spoons!  Don't you want to grab them and put them to work!  They're absolutely itching for it!