Friday, October 28, 2011

Sneak Peak Turnabout Mysteries!

This blog posting is full of mysteries. Where are we? Any mystery has clues: one clue is that gorgeous brick. It's going to stay--yeah! It's on the left which means we are looking forward and the light streaming in toward the rear suggests we are looking toward the front of the shop. Any dissenters?
No view of brick to help us here. Those piles of wood could be anywhere. How about those shelves on the right? To me they look very much like the shelves in the front which makes me think we're again in the front of shop looking forward. Anyone see anything else to make them think otherwise?
This is a toughie, since most of you haven't seen this space so I'll tell you. This is a storage area which holds books right behind the clothes room. Which way are we looking? Since the brick is on the left we're at the back looking forward.
This has one overwhelming clue which will tell you in a moment where we are. What is it? The clothes rack under that plastic on the run from Halloween night. It's in the clothes room, of course. I know you wouldn't use that plastic for a ghost costume but some people have no sense. I let my older son leave one Halloween night dressed like a refrigerator, with the box extending all the way to the top of his feet. Smart? Oh Yeah. I'll never live that down. The poor kid fell on the way down our sidewalk.
Now this baby doesn't even seem to belong in our shop and there are no clues to speak of but it is here, and I had to step carefully to keep from falling into it. Apparently the beams which are affixed to the brick wall are anchored underneath in some fashion and the workers had to check the soil for stability--at least that's what I'm guessing.

We are now at the end of our mystery tour of the shop. We are anxious to have our shop back in working order. I'll keep you posted!