Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Right Out Of Old Europe!

These pictures--again thanks to our wonderful new co-chairman Marty Gardiner.  Thank you Marty!
An amazing selection of china--cups and saucers, a coffee pot and cream and sugar.  This looks like it's straight out of Gumps but the Turnabout has it!
Laces from old Europe plus some embroidery, perhaps done by a child?  I did one of these when I was about ten and how I wish I had it now!  If you are so inclined to wrap your fingers around a knitting needle or crochet needle or love to stitch you'll know what I mean.  Such jewels are to be saved and passed on to family members but we're lucky enough to have these.
Grapes of all kinds in a basket and wouldn't it look wonderful as a centerpiece on a small, round table by a window to serve coffee or tea to a friend?  I used to know someone with a table like that and she had it in just such a spot and it always brought to my mind how it must have been to live in the 1700's.
These glasses (with the rose!) are so beautiful!  Oh, wow, so glorious and isn't the rose a wonderful touch--thanks to Marty Gardiner!
A true feast here for the person who loves to knit or crotchet.  Come and run your hands through these beauties!
I am amazed, looking at this camera.  It's a box style--a Rollei made by Frankel and Heineke circa 1965.  Just the picture is worth displaying but to have the actual camera!  Thank you Marty for all these wonderful pictures!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I received all of these great pictures a half hour ago from one of our new shop managers and I do hope I'm right in identifying them because I haven't seen them in the flesh!  With that disclaimer in place, here, for your perusal, is a beautiful Gucci scarf!  
Another Gucci Scarf.  These beautiful scarves are hot off the press.

This is a quilt and how marvelous it is.  We have a beautiful picture to show it off and I don't believe I need say one more thing to sing its praises!
Vintage ribbon and how many there are!  I just squirreled around in a couple of drawers at my home to find some ribbon for a gift I was sending to a friend and wouldn't I have loved to have some of these to choose from!
A dollhouse with a couple of little rocking chairs to choose from.  This looks perfect for a very little girl to play with!