Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Joy Means Jewelry!

I am aware that there are limits to alliteration: "Christmas Joy Means Jewelry?" Yes, that's my lame attempt at alliteration but Guys look at all this jewelry! And it just keeps coming! Just to show you that we're not all beautiful jewelry this Holiday Season, below you'll see some knock down wonderful treasures from our two wondrous cupboards; there's a sweet little thing peeking out of the top shelf all the way to the right topped by a dollop of red--a tiny, tiny teacup sitting on a tiny saucer? I wonder if that's small enough for my collection of miniatures. I can't tell until I knock on this treasure door twice, which you, of course, can do right now, as you're reading this--which sigh I can't do until later.
Our cupboard is literally bursting at the seams: three teapots, look for them on the third shelf from the top; one very unusual coffee pot just below them; a pitcher that looks like it was found in an archaeological dig--you'll see that on the bottom shelf. Another wonderful possible addition to my miniature collection--second shelf from the bottom--all the way to the right.
Glass is the name of the game in this cupboard: I am particularly looking at a set of six amber colored little plates third shelf down from the top--I like to mix my plates when I entertain and these would make beautiful desert plates. There's an amazing vase in the very center on the bottom shelf. Now I now we all look at things differently, but--from my vantage point--not being able to knock two times on this treasure chest--it looks worthy of display!
I mentioned we had jewelry, right? These earrings are truly amazing. I'm thinking of that special Christmas affair: you've got a rather plain but elegant blue dress you're thinking of wearing, how about those earring dead center? Now, you'd have to have the right bearing to carry them--no stooping, or you'd fall right over. No, I did not pick them up, but my guess is they only look heavy. Look at those delicate earrings just to the left of them: they look like the finest crystal--makes one think of winter and icicles!
I couldn't believe this bracelet when I saw it in the case. Yes, I know, $55 is a lot but you're worth it!
A veritable panoply of things on the dollar rack--mostly shirts I think. No, panoply doesn't really describe what we've got here but I love that word!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holiday Happening!

In last week's blog posting I said this cupboard would be replenished and here it is! This is a special time for the Turnabout when all the members donate special things for the holidays. This cupboard is fairly bursting with great things! Remember we're open at 12 PM today! Yes, today--Wednesday--first time ever.
I love seeing this picture blown up. Yes, I do peek once in awhile. There's a tiger pacing at the end of a necklace and maybe some turquoise to the left and beads, beads, beads!
I'm not sure about that red necklace to the right. What do you think? Maybe it would be absolutely stunning with a classic black dress. Do they make those anymore? Lots of wonderful things here and on display for the first time. I am excited. Can you tell?
Our mascot, Pig, got annoyed that I wasn't featuring our antique cupboard so here it is once again. Lots of great things here for the Holidays. Just click on the picture and feast your eyes.
Again we have some boxes terribly shy about being spied upon under the counter. This is an amazing mirror, by the way. It's just dying to hang in that important place--somewhere!
Again, a new dollar rack! I see an amazing assemblage of clothes here: shirts and blouses of all kinds but no slacks on hand I'm afraid unless you spot something I'm missing.

Enjoy the Turnabout Shop's Holiday Happening!