Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I walked into the shop today and found surprises! I love it when the antique cupboard has beauties like this bracelet.
This pendant looks like it rose from the sea.
Walk into the next room and the long, middle table holds a different kind of surprise. Games! The whole table is filled with them. This one comes right out of a medieval city in France called Carcassonne. I was there, many years ago. Can you hear a bugle blowing? Walk through that gate and you'll find scenes right out of the 1400's.
At the end of the room you'll find this jacket. Click on it and you'll see some delicate tracery at the bottom. Truly unusual, the color is one that could go with just about any thing: navy, black, brown. Beautiful!
I have the feeling some five year old (hello Theo!) would love these dinosaurs. They are guarding the games. Talk to them nicely and maybe they'll let you buy one!
It's February and we have the usual, amazing dollar rack! Enjoy!