Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things Miraculous and Of Ancient Provenance!

I'm not really claiming this is of ancient provenance but it's certainly a reminder of an ancient time. I don't claim to know what civilization it hails from but isn't it lovely?
Marching across the top of this cupboard are plates--each different and each from a different era and one of them just right for a special gift for someone you care about. A beautiful coffee pot with delicate mugs that feels like they hail from the 1800's grace the shelf directly below them on the right. Delicate shades of pink against white--truly an amazing set. A tea cozy plants itself stern and beautiful on the middle shelf on the left. What else? A tea pewter sits on the shelf below the cozy. Lift the teapot and you'll find it's marked which makes it precious!
I'm sure you'll find other things here to enjoy but how about that copper pot? I love it! A gravy boat with it's own dish sits on the bottom shelf. Gravy boats absolutely demand a dish to catch the drippings which makes this set very useful as well as beautiful. It's always instructive to try to guess what else is here--I'm so often wrong but I do enjoy guessing: a glass ice bowl with its own pair of tongs; a coffee pot being rudely shoved to the side on the top shelf? What about it? Am I right?
A potpourri of beads and necklaces and earrings that say try me on!
I am continually amazed by our dollar rack. I worked at the shop not too long ago and watched six beautiful items walk out of the store from this rack. Here you see shirts and blouses--one shirt to the left I might have bought for my husband for our trip to Hawaii--darn. I love the way the fabrics play against each other!