Thursday, July 17, 2014


Have you ever seen such a marvelous assortment of scarves?  You are seeing scarves by Vera, Echo, Andrea Michelle, Burda and others.  For those of you with a sharp eye, what is that hanging toward the back?  An interloper?  A Ha!  Me Thinks it is a handbag of most unusual vintage.  
The shop has a large, highly unusual assortment of fabric right now--for those of you who love to sew.  Handing to the right is a black piece of material with beading sewn into it.  An amazing piece of fabric just waiting to be made into a lovely garment!

A close-up of that fabric.  Isn't it beautiful?

Here you see shelves of fabric available to that person who's fingers are even now, itching to get to her sewing machine!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


These pictures are the gift of our camera person--Dave Mandel.  Thank you Dave!
This is truly a gem.  A rare, 1917-1919 Kodak No. 2A Autographic folding Brownie with original Box, works, uses 116 film.  This amazing, antique camera is $70.  Hey, I didn't know there was such a word as "Autographic".  I love it that this baby folds!  Even spell-check doesn't recognize it.  Means it's OLD.
This is a 1950's Heiland Research Syncronite Reflex Twin Flash with 11 new Westinghouse bulbs, all for $12!
This beautiful camera is a 1979-82 Nikon EM SLR camera with a E series 50 MM 1-1.8 lens.  It includes a manual, a Kalimar UV filter and is $30, which includes 7 rolls of 24 exposure 200 ASA color film.  The rolls alone are what?  Come-on, camera people?  I'm guessing at least $2 a roll?  I am going to look this up!
Another gorgeous mechanical creature--a 1940's GE Exposure meter Model BDW58Y1, and it works well! Oh, and it also has it's original case--how about that!
I have to admit that--without Dave Mandel's description--I wouldn't have had a  blessed idea what this was!  Ahem--it is a Konica X-24 Auto-Flash with it's original case (beautiful!) and carton (whoever owned this flash took good care of it!).  All for $12!
I just love looking at this lens.  There's something about one of these babies that just stirs the heart.  Beautiful, isn't it?  It is a Tokina ELZ840 80mm-200mm F-4 manual zoom lens with a bayonet-mount with it's original carton (and--that thing that protects it in the carton is included?  Amazing.  Anything in our household with it's original carton is dead--long dead because there is no such thing or if there is it's from the spirit world.   Such things are thought to be trash and are relegated to the trash.)  I have to say, I wonder--seriously--whether the same person owned all these cameras or whatever.  Every blessed thing in its own case including a bubble thingie.  To me that mean quality--someone taking good care of what they've got--loving it.  Quality!
A Polaroid!  Wow--I was in my teens and my father bought a Polaroid.  It looked nothing like this but just having one of these seemed a miracle.   Something about the name?  Nah--no original case--my father was worse with saving things--probably where I got the habit. Anyway, this is a Polaroid Sun 660 with a strap (I guess to sling it around your neck?) in it's original carton and with it's own manual!  Wow--amazing!  Battery packs available.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wonders Of The Turnabout!

This is a lovely set of Waterford glass--beautiful, isn't it?
Here we have a vintage travel case.  OK, those of you that like something with wheels will stick up your nose at this, granted, but if you have a background in the arts or know someone who does, perhaps they're putting on The Maltese Falcon this weekend and need this for Miss O'Shaughnessy to carry when she goes in to meet Sam Spade?
A glorious, unbelievably beautiful vase that's just crying for a dozen roses.
A set of lamps, vintage, perhaps, and they can go anywhere and there are two of them which makes them twice as good!
These are just a sample of a huge bunch of clothes that came into the shop this week.  I'm particularly taken with that pink jacket.  Isn't it lovely?