Friday, July 12, 2013

Pictures With Mysteries!

You know how I love mysteries.  I took this picture because I wanted to feature the two scarves, which are beautiful--each in their own fashion.  What's far more interesting to me is what's showing in the mirror.  I can see what appears to be a tripod for a camera, boxes with little or no reason to be there or something else strange which looks like a box because we would never feature something that's not supposed to be there.  Other things which appear to be only legible when I click on them, which I will do soon.  Fun!  Love, love, love mysteries!
I looked at all of five of these items which I may have bought but in thinking about them forgot about them, of course. What do you think the yellow pitcher could be?  Something you pour wine through to improve its taste?  There are three very interesting jewelry cases on the shelf below that strange yellow thing and below it, what came closest to coming home with me--a wicker box which I was told was delicate so only should have things in it like that stuff (can't remember name of such) that you use to make a space fragrant because you shouldn't open it often.  That wouldn't work for me so I passed it up but it's beautiful and it might work for you.

What can I say--a beautiful flower vase.  Hope its still there for you.
Another mystery.  I saw this wonderful dress when I worked at the shop on Thursday and took a picture of it.  Because I've discovered dresses present themselves better when surrounded by stuff I expanded the area around the picture.  What mystery to you see to the left with the pink jacket?  That is me, taking the picture but it would present other answers--like this weird figure grabbing for the dress like no one else can have it.   No--I admit--that is a stretch.  How about a ghost who has materialized at the Turnabout Shop and is investigating all the dresses in the shop because it hates what its wearing?  OK, far more interesting is to see the shelf of books in the background.  
For those of you who cook really big pots of spaghetti over the barbecue--or pots of chili for a crowd--the perfect pot!