Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Beauties

Just look at this amazing picture.  I did not take it--thank you for this amazing photo, David!
This is not some glorious object from the stars.  It is and I quote:  a Canon Pixma MP500 Printer Scanner and Copier.  Glorious, right?
This is our appraisal cupboard and given that Christmas is now 20 days away it is filled with glorious things.  Just click and feast your eyes!
Another wonderful opportunity for feasting one's eyes.  I particularly love the set of plates down at the bottom left corner.  They're Danish and they're beautiful!
Those of you who still go to Christmas parties I thought I'd throw a couple of wonderful party dresses at you.  I would remove the bow.  Ugh.  Looks like something from my parties in the school gym when I was in the sixth grade and that was like 50 years ago, if not more.  You have a wonderful pin for that spot, right?  
This gown is glorious.  Now, you have to be little--little!  It would fit around my leg and that's it but oh is it beautiful!
I do apologize for this picture.  Truly horrible.  I've tried everything to improve it but--oh well--it has to be here and as I've been told by people who know it is chuck full of wonderful things All for one Dollar.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Has Arrived At The Turnabout!

This is a 1937 Zeiss ikon camera and I'm in awe just looking at the picture.  1937!  It's so beautiful I'm drooling.
These light meters are antique as well, one of them dates from 1935 and has no battery. It must use light to power it and it works.
This is a beautiful pen and pencil set.  I've known people who still use a pen to write with and if you really want to get a sense of what you're writing, believe me, you start out with a pen or pencil.
All I can say is Wow!  This is just one example of what's awaiting you in Rosemary's Room.  It is absolutely chuck full of beautiful gifts, both for Christmas or to squirrel away somewhere in your abode.  A warning, everything that absolutely is for  Christmas has a red sticker and won't be around after the holidays.  Click away!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mishmash Heaven!

Take a look at this 2002 Minolta Dimage X, 2 megapixel with  3x internal zoom, with original manuel, software, spare memory chip, battery charger and all connecting cords--a compete package for $40.  I think if this is your baby you can be sure it''s in wonderful shape.  It's a complete package and that means, to me, that someone has been coddling it, treating it with loving care.
This mask is determined to scare the bejeebees out of us!  The gown it's wearing is spooky as well.  Don't come my way on Halloween night!
Beautiful candle holders, from Classic Copper Works.  Aren't they beautiful?
This is an original oil painting.  Really, I had to check it out when I was at the store yesterday.  It is beautiful and the frame really sets it off nicely, don't you think?
A beautiful selection on the dollar rack this time.  How about that bright yellow jacket with black stripes?  People will see you coming when you wear that!  The rack is stuffed with goodies:  a white shirt with black flower motif; a bright blue shirt.  I could go on and on!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Great Tidbits At The Turnabout Shop!

This exquisite lace tablecloth would do wonders for that sad bridge table at your house.
This lovely hanging lamp isn't a Tiffany but it's a Turnabout and handy as all get out.  I see it hanging in a bungalow from the 1930's, surrounded by marvelous pine paneling. 
This marvelous flower picture is unique--you'll find nothing like it anywhere--and it's a work of art by one of our members.  How about that?!!
This beautiful long dress with matching jacket is one of those garments that can go anywhere where you want to be really dressed up.  If I were forty pounds thinner (Ha!  I can dream, can't it?) you wouldn't see it at all because I am in love!
One of our great dollar racks maybe a bit more for the men this time but there are some women's things hiding there too!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Set of Beautiful Bang & Olufsen Phones--Rare Water Bottles, Norman Rockwell Plates and Mystery Frog!

This set of phones is Bang & Olufsen:BEOCom 6000 2.4 GHZ single line Cordless Phones which I'm told are rare and well worth the price being asked ($295).  The sign says the following:  Bang and Olufsen create some of the world's highest quality and most beautifully designed electronics.  The set includes 4 cordless handsets; one main base; two extension table bases;  one extension wall base; four charging adapters; one telephone line--all in original boxes.  If you're planning to upgrade your home phone system this is well worth looking into!  The main base set alone costs $295.
Here we have, believe it or not, bottles dug from East Bay water mud flats--rare and precious!
These plates by Norman Rockwell are well worth a look if you haven't seen them already.  Beautiful!  I saw an exhibition of Norman Rockwell paintings in Washington D.C. a few years ago and having anything by this artist is special.  I'd whip these out at Thanksgiving and brighten that holiday table!
I've titled this blog posting partially "Mystery Frog".  I love imagining what I'm seeing before I can click on a picture.  What I'm seeing on the far right, third shelf down from the top, may or may not be a frog but it is a mystery! 
A rather spare Dollar Rack which I'm sure will be filled with even more lovely things when you actually see it!  I'm seeing something still here from last time--a grand looking shawl or beautiful red striped shirt--not sure which it is. And how about that pair of blue jean shorts (or skirt) with that lovely big pocket or that bright red jacket all the way to the right?

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Feast For Point And Click!

I am again fighting with the new Google system  so you'll have to forgive the poor placement of these pictures.  This was supposed to be anywhere but here!   Today definitely is glass heaven so click and enjoy.
Another worthy for point and click.  See that lovely teapot in the lower right and a rose red jar on the left almost certainly meant for cookies?
  • You'll see another frustration here.  I clicked on the wrong thing and started, theoretically, a bullet list.  Can't remove it, of course.  That means that this bit of writing is stuck in a spot I rather like, if everything else was similarly stuck but I'm not preparing a business document!  Feast your eyes on a wonderful duck preparing for full flight; a silly dog on a solitary walk; and a warm, cozy house just waiting to be lit.  Earlier in the year we had a large number of these and this is the only one left.  Wonderful for the Christmas mantel--if you have a way to light it.

This is our cupboard of which we're justly proud.  It is full of wonderful items--lots of silver in those lower  display areas.  Why not prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays?  I have a friend who sets up an amazing table for the holidays and you can bet silver is there in plenty!
Look at that wonderful pair of slacks to the left.   Down the rack to the right, do you see a shawl streaked with reds and purples that might go beautifully with that pair of slacks?  Or perhaps it's a man's shirt which would show off those pair of slacks wonderfully worn on his partner! Our July 2012 Dollar Rack--special as always.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bears And Cows and Raggedy Ann!

Do you like the new or do you prefer the old tried and true?  I know I am right now being driven completely crazy by a new blogger system that has been thrust on me without warning--so bear with me!  This wonderful assortment of new crockery, including a cow creamer, salt and pepper down in the lower left you almost didn't see because I almost bought them.  There is also a wonderful, very strange set of glasses on either side of them.  They sit on their sides and are most beautiful and unusual!  Click on whatever you want and feast your eyes, there are wonders to behold!
I have absolutely no control over which picture loads next--maybe next time.  I am cursing under my breath but here we go!  Hope you love these tiles as much as I do.  There are four of them only two of which are in full view.  They come from London and given that the painting on the tile to the left shows a horseman wielding a bagpipe these may represent some very early visitors to the area.  These remind me of a scene I was lucky enough to see on a visit to Morocco some five years ago.  Horsemen in bright costumes on horseback rode around an oval area showing off their prowess;  they would hang over the side of their steeds with a foot in a stirrup the only thing keeping them on the horse.  Amazing horsemanship.  
Don't you just love the little bear?  The little tiger giving him a hard time is from that wonderful comic strip the name of which escapes me.  Maybe you can help me out with the name of it?  I cried when that strip closed.  Another thing I love about this picture is that beautiful perfume bottle which has a reflection below it, as does everything else, and you know how I love the magic that comes with reflections.  Somehow the reflection is more interesting when it's above rather than below.  Why is that--I don't know.  This picture may win my personal prize for the most adorable, wondrous assortment of Turnabout Shop gifts I have every seen.  Oh, I almost forgot.  There's something terrific behind the tiger.  Something beloved by sewers everywhere.

Here we have two wonderful dolls I thought were mascots for the shop and therefore not for sale.  I was wrong--they're all yours if you want them!  When I took the picture I didn't realize how I would fall in love with the mannequins on the shelf below and their wonderful hats.  The one on the right is so mysterious she's right out of Casablanca, the one in the center is daring anyone to come near her and the one to the left is reflecting on taking out the mysterious one for her hat.
Hurrah!  Hey Guys!  Because there's absolutely nothing below this picture of our wonderful Dollar Rack (take a gander at that wonderful pink sweater!) I can now put in a normal--I said normal--commentary!  Maybe that's what I should do in the future--put in a picture--print the caption, and then add another picture!  I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Have I Got A Story For You!

A 50 piece set of fine silver plate in exquisite shape. Isn't it beautiful? I have to think the set is pretty old, given the shape of that fabric. I saw it on Saturday and can tell you that fabric looked old. Sorry, the shop no longer has it. Larry Bruderer, the gentleman who does and who is a member of the shop's email club, told me this amazing story as to how and why he bought it from the shop. Larry, thank you for coming in to tell me this story. It is a tale worth telling.

Sometime recently Larry came into the shop, saw this set for sale (for $75) and got quite excited because he thought he and his partner had a set very much like it at home, even to the monogrammed M on the front of the pieces and there were some pieces missing from the set. He ran back home, picked up a piece or two and came back with them, and sure enough--the very same set. OK, you say, that's not so unusual. Go down to Macy's and you may find a nice set of silver plate and buy it and a lot of other folks may see it and like the same set and buy it and a lot of young women have first names beginning with M and their name is often monogrammed on their silver or silver plate. However, Patrician, the pattern on this set and
on Larry's partner's set----dates from 1914. How about that? How many sets are there floating around the pattern of which dates from 1914? many identical sets with patterns from 1914? Infinitesimal! Parts of Larry's partner's set have gotten lost over the years, as will happen but they both started out the very same way.

Now how did his partner get this set? Eighty years ago, Larry's partner's mother was given this set in Concord, New Hampshire in a Gift Hope Chest. She got a lot of pleasure out of this lovely set of silver plate and Larry and his partner now enjoy it.

Now, is that a story or is that a story?!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mystery Spooky Picture! A Dinner Napkin For A Giant!

I first saw this wonderful decorative ball all by itself, without the stand, and I just had to pick it up. It's light--believe it or not. The stand? Well, the stand is a wonder!
I've been told that this (along with a whole table full of similar fun things) is a pillow case for a child's bed. I can see other possibilities for it: a piece for a quilt; an apron for said child; a dinner napkin for a giant?
We have a new cupboard, only half of which you see here. Each shelf shows off one or two things to perfection. I always look forward to saving one of these postings so I can go to each shelf and click away to my heart's content. Yahoo has decided to mess the whole process up and you now no longer have a way to click on each object twice, for which I an a little irritated. For those of us that still have a fair amount of child in them, clicking on an object and having it expand magically is a joy and not to be messed with!
I have no idea what this is but I love it! It combines grandeur with spookiness. Makes me shudder to look at it. I may just have to go get it with the sole purpose of irritating my husband. "Either that goes or you go!" There's a story, here, Folks, not only in what you see in front of you in all its spooky grandeur but someone has gone to a lot of trouble to write something on the bottom. Love it!
I have to apologize for this photograph. I took this picture in the afternoon when the sun was setting. No amount of fooling around with the image is going to allow one to properly see the garment on the left, which I believe is a handsome man's suit. Anyway, we have some good things on the Dollar Rack and this time you'll just have to check them out on your own.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We're really happy with our new shelves. Look at that white brick showing behind a seemingly unending display of beautiful object-de-art! So I haven't spelled it right; you get the idea!
Mugs, cups, saucers, plates and what else? A very unusual display of boxes on the top shelf. Open them, and more boxes appear. Don't you love those cups and saucers? Are they a match? It's a mystery! I'll have to wait until I can save this posting and click on the pictures. Click on the picture once and everything expands like magic. If you want to get a still closer look at one of those mugs, click on it!
I'm particularly entranced with this cupboard. Those plates on the top shelf! I've been eyeing them for days.
Isn't this beautiful? Someone took a lovely blouse and paired it with a very unusual vest. The combination's a knockout!
Our first Dollar Rack for 2012. A lovely group of clothes--a little spare but it will be added to!