Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We're really happy with our new shelves. Look at that white brick showing behind a seemingly unending display of beautiful object-de-art! So I haven't spelled it right; you get the idea!
Mugs, cups, saucers, plates and what else? A very unusual display of boxes on the top shelf. Open them, and more boxes appear. Don't you love those cups and saucers? Are they a match? It's a mystery! I'll have to wait until I can save this posting and click on the pictures. Click on the picture once and everything expands like magic. If you want to get a still closer look at one of those mugs, click on it!
I'm particularly entranced with this cupboard. Those plates on the top shelf! I've been eyeing them for days.
Isn't this beautiful? Someone took a lovely blouse and paired it with a very unusual vest. The combination's a knockout!
Our first Dollar Rack for 2012. A lovely group of clothes--a little spare but it will be added to!