Monday, November 10, 2014

Beautiful Beaded Purse, Soup Bowl With Cover, Scrumptious Throws, Lovely Bowl With Cover And More!

Isn't this a amazing purse?  I don't think I can say anything else to add to its beauty!
I don't know where to start here!  First of all I was going to point out that collection of plates but then I saw that wonderful soup bowl with cover and matching ladle.  Take your pick!  They're both fantastic!
Here we have twin hangings of sort--meeting across many miles to cement a relationship--perhaps the throw all the way to the right started out in the far east, woven by a woman who meant it perhaps for a daughter--the other looks like something a woman from Scandinavia might have made, also for a daughter.  I find it sad that these wonderful homemade articles are so seldom made these days.
At first I thought I had only one thing to boast about here--that lovely bowl with cover on the top shelf and then I saw the set of dessert bowls and the glass bowl with cover, the exquisite bowl with perhaps six sides and finally a glass with green stripes and a bowl of some kind hiding behind it!
I decided to look up "Egg Coddlers" and found they are quite a prized article.  Rather than say anymore, I'm going to direct you to a website:  Egg-Coddlers.Com.  I hope you find the site as interesting as it looks to me to be!
These, given they're Royal Worcester, are sure to be special.