Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Calling All Vintage Hounds!

These clothes are all vintage and these examples are only a few of the beauties on the rack. They're amazing--thought to be from the 50's to the 70's and in amazing shape. I think some of these clothes could be considered timeless--how about these beautiful red stripped shorts? You say this isn't the weather for shorts? Hey, summer is coming!
Another timeless example. A beautiful red pant suit--I don't know if that's the proper name for something so classic and yet so casual. Casual elegance? That sounds like a cliche to me but you get the idea.
I remember having something like this in the fifties. Beautiful. Something I've been holding back--should have confessed before you got this far. These are all small clothes--like size 4. Ouch, you say. I agree. The smallest I ever got was a size 9 and that was for a split second. Maybe you know someone this size? I do--you must! Or, lucky you, you are a size 4!
This beautiful serving dish and plate are on the 1/2 off table, good old fashioned glassware like they made years ago.
Here's a view of that 1/2 off table. Besides that bowl and plate I just showed you there are some other bowls you'd love to have (the green one!) and two large bottles toward the back that I swore were antique but am being told otherwise. Look for them, they're in the back on the left and right. A matched pair!
Still another March Dollar Rack. The garments come and go so fast. Whoosh and they're gone!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Wearing of the Green Is Coming!

St. Patrick's Day is coming and for those of you who hail from Ireland or wherever (we can stretch that a long ways) here are some special items for those on your list. Isn't this plate beautiful and it wishes you luck besides!
A St. Patrick's Day hat and buttons and two four-leaf clover plates! How 'bout that!
Another view of that plate, plus a sweet bear, a rolly polly pig and a great mug. I don't know where we got all these goodies. Oh--look behind Mr. Bear and in front of Rolly Polly you'll see a marvelous little wooden train.
A true mystery picture and you know how I love mysteries! Those that are knowledgable in the mysteries of reflection could explain how a reflection of that plate upon which this beautiful vase resides is sitting sort of in the middle and yet partially hidden behind it! I couldn't find a bit of green in this vase but I had to have my mystery picture.
A very unusual, truly beautiful hand painted tile. Don't you love it?!! Pretend it's green.
Our St Pat's dollar rack. As usual, scrumptious! Maybe there's a little bit of green for the wearing there somewhere.