Monday, September 22, 2014

Cameras, Old And New, And Wonderful Accessories!

Our important camera person, David Mandel, has come up with these beautiful cameras and accessories.  First of all, a Canon FT QL 35 mm with 58 mm Lens.  $110.   The camera body sells on ebay for about $40.   This camera  (new) comes with three lens options and the lens we're providing is the most valuable of the three options.  The lens alone sells USED for $110 to $390 so $110 is a good deal!
Another beautiful camera--an Olympus Accura View 80 QD 35 mm and it sells for only $6.  What did we do to take a picture before someone invented the camera?  Something to do with exposing a piece of paper to the sun.  We have come a long ways.  These cameras--everyone of them--are truly works of art!
Another gorgeous camera:  this Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic Multi AF 35 mm c.1997 sells for $20.  Interesting how beautifully it fits in the hands.
Those of you who are serious photographers need flashes and these flashes are:  a Canon Speedlite 155A; a Minolta Auto 128; a Nikon SPEEDLITE 5B-23; a Vivvitar 50 and a Vivvitar Auto 200 $3 to $13.
As you can see, this is a Minolta Hi-Matic F 35 mm camera c.1972 for all of $8 and if I'm not mistaken it comes with its own case!

This is a 1950's Heiland Research Syncronite Reflex Twin Flash With  11 Westinghouse 192 B bulbs all for $12.  This object looks like it puts out a lot of light!
This is a Konica X-24 AUTO Flash with Case and Original Box $12 .
This thing is pretty impressive if strange, what can it be for?  It is a 1960's Folding Angle Bracket For a Flash Accessory.  How about that?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This sweater is, I have to believe, one of the most beautiful the Turnabout Shop has ever had the privilege to show.  Gorgeous, so gorgeous, I almost can't believe my eyes!
Another beautiful item--a red leather jacket--aren't you dying to try it on?  Oh my, have we got some beautiful things at the Turnabout right now!  Besides being beautiful does it have a name attached to it--Oscar de la Renta!  How about that?
This picture is actually two pictures in one--I'm going to point out first the wonderful painting just a glimpse of which is  showing above.  (Thank you Marty for that mystery!  Mysteries are what I love, love, love!)   I see a wonderful road to the left  which appears to be a fantasy road to what I don't know but that's the fun, isn't it?--above, clouds and trees and something else which intrigues me--a miniature lamp post, perhaps?  I love the picture.  Below it is a bunch of items for that Halloween table which the little ones in your house will enjoy, especially the Halloween triangular pumpkins holding ghosts--aren't they fun?!
Halloween costumes mixed in with what, I'm not sure, but again I love what Marty has done here by mixing in things around the costumes which I can play with in my imagination:  on the table something orange which looks to be a tall pitcher meant for your Halloween table?  Reflected in the mirror is a string of tiny orange pumpkins--perhaps to lay on your mantelpiece and light on Halloween?  Our mantelpiece has a electric outlet in just the right place to accomplish that--does yours?
Marty, who is again responsible for all these wonderful pictures, wanted me to point out that the shop has a lot of materials right now with which a handy person with a sewing machine could use for costumes for the little ones in your household.  I have to add a little story to this from the days when my two sons went out Halloweening--not a word you'd find in your dictionary but it should be because isn't it perfect?  I made my older son a costume--a refrigerator made out of a packing box--which he wore proudly out on one Halloween night  Disaster, of course.  Marcia, how could you be so careless?!  Yes, he fell (sob!) when he tried walking down our cement walkway from our house which has a little slant to it and ended up wearing something much less intriguing for the night.  At least it was safe!