Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Mixture of Things From The Turnabout. Enjoy!

A table full of things, mysterious and fun!  I'll have to leave it to you to figure out what everything is with the exception of the lamp.  Lovely, isn't it?  And is that another small, lamp, meant perhaps for a child's bedroom?

A stunning vase, I think, but I have to leave it to you to give it the final  name.  I do love the color!  Fantastic!
The items to the right are a mystery but interesting, don't you think?

A Halloween Hat!  What else can it be?  The scarf goes nicely with it, don't you think?

A lovely, old fashioned chair with matching stool and they look to be in great shape, don't they?

Oh, I wish I had a body that could fit into this!  Beautiful, isn't it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Wonderful Assortment Of Art Objects At The Turnabout!

This picture is bursting with wonderful things--so many I have trouble knowing where to start.    The plate standing in the center takes my eye first--it's truly unusual and I believe is homemade--as are, I believe, the two plates to the right.  Behind them is an ancient photograph of a very proud, and beautiful family.
This is a wonderful grouping of handmade plates.  Aren't they wonderful?  This particular size of plate is harder to find, isn't it, and just perfect for any number of things--desert, salad?  

I'm struck by how unusual this plate is.  Again, I wonder whether it's homemade?  It would hold any number of dishes and blend in with any number of color schemes.

A beautiful painting with every color imaginable.  It's already framed and I believe you couldn't do much better than the silver frame around it!

Isn't this a beautiful pair of earrings?  Again, our special jewelry person, Annie, has done it again.  This is just one of a beautiful assortment of earrings.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Can't you see this wonderful steam locomotive chugging away and hear that long, lonely whistle in the night?  Or maybe this is too early for that that particular sound of a whistle and the bell is all you'd hear?  All of your railroad aficionados--what say?
I believe there's a wonderful Railroad Museum in Sacramento that might sport such a wonderful bit of Railroad lore.  I hope so--surely such a work of art must be available to be seen somewhere!

This is a painting that's at the shop right now and strange to say, it's unsigned.   I love the blossoms and the lovely ribbons it sports. Another nice plus--it's 1/2 off as is all the art at the Turnabout Shop at this time!

Annie is in charge of jewelry at the  shop and finds absolutely fantastic jewelry!  I  think you'll agree that this assortment fits in with that accolade!

A pair of baseball gloves, complete with a baseball glove!  Hurry up, all you baseball Dads--as these will certainly find an owner soon!

Another wonderful bits of jewelry, thanks to Annie!

I had to show these off!  A wonderful set of knives and  forks and spoons!  Don't you want to grab them and put them to work!  They're absolutely itching for it!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Fascinating Assortment: Leather Garments; Plate; Sewing Machine and Abalone Tool!

This beautiful leather coat is from Saks Fifth Avenue!  I wonder whether Saks  still does a number where it brings you clothes to look at (like in Pretty Woman).  That's my memory of Saks.  Nah--no more, right?
Have you ever seen such a beautiful plate?  I haven't--bar none--and I have a plate I bought in Morocco years ago that made a friend's eyes bug out it was so expensive. and it's not as beautiful as this one.  Those are Chinese Quail--by the way.  
Another beautiful leather garment--a men's jacket, size small.  All you tidy looking men, come running!
A Singer Sewing Machine.  Those of you with itchy fingers for thread, this is for you!
Believe it or not, this is an abalone diver's tool.  Don't say we don't get unusual things at the Turnabout  Shop!