Friday, October 28, 2011

Sneak Peak Turnabout Mysteries!

This blog posting is full of mysteries. Where are we? Any mystery has clues: one clue is that gorgeous brick. It's going to stay--yeah! It's on the left which means we are looking forward and the light streaming in toward the rear suggests we are looking toward the front of the shop. Any dissenters?
No view of brick to help us here. Those piles of wood could be anywhere. How about those shelves on the right? To me they look very much like the shelves in the front which makes me think we're again in the front of shop looking forward. Anyone see anything else to make them think otherwise?
This is a toughie, since most of you haven't seen this space so I'll tell you. This is a storage area which holds books right behind the clothes room. Which way are we looking? Since the brick is on the left we're at the back looking forward.
This has one overwhelming clue which will tell you in a moment where we are. What is it? The clothes rack under that plastic on the run from Halloween night. It's in the clothes room, of course. I know you wouldn't use that plastic for a ghost costume but some people have no sense. I let my older son leave one Halloween night dressed like a refrigerator, with the box extending all the way to the top of his feet. Smart? Oh Yeah. I'll never live that down. The poor kid fell on the way down our sidewalk.
Now this baby doesn't even seem to belong in our shop and there are no clues to speak of but it is here, and I had to step carefully to keep from falling into it. Apparently the beams which are affixed to the brick wall are anchored underneath in some fashion and the workers had to check the soil for stability--at least that's what I'm guessing.

We are now at the end of our mystery tour of the shop. We are anxious to have our shop back in working order. I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Chinese Screen! An American Quilting Bee!

Amazing isn't it? Click on it and marvel. It's Chinese, it's beautiful.

A close up of two of those screens. Scenes of a different time when life was gracious, when days didn't revolve around iPads and TRAFFIC. Look deep into these wonderful scenes and let yourself be part of them. All of this beauty is misleading, of course. This was a time of violence too. That lovely little horse was undoubtedly a war horse. What the heck--enjoy!Remove Formatting from selectionRemove Formatting from selection
A batik which can be used in quilting, I'm told. Beautiful and bold.
A batik with butterflies! Don't you just love it!
Quilting blocks! A whole table of them! Dogs of all kinds looking out at you! These fabrics are long and wide--I'm just showing a little bit of them. A quilt for a little girl's or a little boy's bed?
A quilting block with cats!
A quilting block with a city scene. All of these are 25 cents a piece or five for a dollar. Get quilting!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Calling All Fabric Lovers!

I don't promise to know anything about sewing machines but given that, this one looks good to me. When my sons were little I made them Dracula costumes on the sorriest machine you could imagine--one of those monsters that looked and was uncommonly heavy. It did a good job. Can you imagine what this machine can offer?
Just an example of what fabrics are sitting on the table in the middle room waiting to be grabbed and put to stellar use!
There are amazing things here. How about those horses on the topmost shelf or the blue vase--not to forget those wonderful birds. I'm a Midwesterner and I should know what those gorgeous birds are. Perhaps some sort of ducks? My father and brother would blanch with horror. How could I not know exactly what those gorgeous creatures are?
It's about time you had another chance to explore one of our shelves and here's a great example. Enjoy!
Another great dollar rack. I love that white shirt with the gold and there are some other shirts that look good enough my fingers are itching right now. The flowers are nosing around so it's hard to see everything but maybe that black and white baby?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Miscellaneous Treasures!

This is a 100 year old spoon. Think of all the tables it has graced. Truly beautiful.
And then we come to the truly ugly but I love 'em. Frogs! Look at that top shelf. That is a true panoply of frogs.
And now we're back to the beautiful. These lovely dancing creatures are women--or maybe they're breath from a frozen lake from the Far North.
A New York City street scene? I don't know, as the sidewalk seems too ample for a city like New York and that bicycle too Midwest in flavor. I've now looked at it and guess what--it's European, maybe Paris with that table and chairs but what oh what is a Midwest bicycle doing there?
I feel like I'd like to get in there with my greedy fingers and push these babies around. What is in there? Your guess is as good as mine. Oh--the pink and gray sweater doesn't count in our naming game.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dragons and Buttons!

I would not like to tangle with this guy but I have to admit he's amazing. This is an art form of the finest order--the kind of thing you find hanging in a museum.
And he's on a kimono. Again, museum material!
We now switch from dragons from the Far East to the all American art form--the button. Just feel your hand moving through this treasure. I've done it and the feeling is delicious. There are some amazing buttons here--just a little patience and you will find the button you've always wanted!
Our cupboard over the counter has a real potpourri on display: dolls and penguins; a miniature three drawer chest; a charming Japanese figure; cookie jars and more!
Our June Dollar Rack and isn't it amazing. Look at that vest in the front--you either are going to love it or hate it. As my Mother-In-Law used to say, that's why there are apples and oranges.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fabric and Cupboards to Browse Through!

I'm particularly drawn to the flower girl in the center of this fabric. She looks like she's dying to come out and explore the shop. All of these fabrics are half price, by the way, and this is just a small sample of what's waiting for you on the table in the middle room. All of those with a sewing machine that's dying to get some exercise, take note!
You haven't had a chance to explore our cupboards for awhile. Remember, click on the cupboard once and then when you spot something that you have to see, click on that and it will pop out like magic! I just tried it, and one click brings the image popping out. No more clicking twice--and I liked that! Even from here--without expanding my view--I like that plate all the way to the right on the bottom shelf.
How about that elephant on the top shelf or the matching ducks who look bereft, separated from each other on the second shelf from the top? Remember, click only once--it's all that's allowed, darn it. You're certain to find things I'm not seeing!
Some interesting things here; how about that glass pitcher? Or that strange threesome standing together in the middle on the next to bottom shelf? Also, take a look at that lovely vase third shelf from the top which sits right next to our mystery object for the day. What is that?
This is one of the best Dollar Racks I've seen and I've seen a lot. It's wonderful, with a lot of enticing colors!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amazing Art Books Plus Something For The Bed!

Seeing this wonderful painting by Peter Bruegel The Elder brings me back to a time my friend Max (4 feet 9 inches of female pulchritude) and I were in Brussels. I still recall our time at a museum there where I learned about Peter The Old and Peter The Young. I thought, for the longest time, that I preferred the young guy but lately I'm torn. They are both amazing and worth a trip to Brussels to go to that museum!
This picture does not do this beautiful bedspread justice. You have to touch it!
All of these wonderful art books are on the middle table. I was drawn to this book on American Impressionists. We know about Mary Cassatt but I'll be darned if I can remember any others. You too? All the Impressionists hailed from Paris--right? Wrong! This book should edify us both. Strange word--edify. Hope I've got it halfway right.
You meet the work of this amazing artist in Spain. I've been at the old (creaking) museum, The Prado, in Madrid. It really is tired but you come on the section with this guy and you're blown away. The Spaniards adore him. There's an amazing statue of him near to some public building there. I adore him too. I'd even go back to the Prado. (OK, Prado lovers. Back off!)
I'm told this gal is amazing. Frankly she's never done it for me. All Georgia O'Keeffe lovers unite!
We don't have an argument about this new Dollar Rack, right?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


How can I describe these? Japanese bowling balls? If anyone knows what these marvels are, let the rest of us know! How about that chair? I love that chair.
This box looks like it's straight out of the Renaissance--complete with chubby angels.
April brings a beloved religious holiday, Easter, plus Easter eggs and bunnies. Here's a special bunny. He's a music box too.
Special bunny! We're Bunnies too--adorable, wonderful Bunnies. Music box, Bah!
Our fantastic April dollar rack. There are two brilliant blue shirts (don't you love that shirt in the front?) and red and yellow sweaters or jackets--can't tell what. Hey, but people always find things they like on our Dollar Rack!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Calling All Vintage Hounds!

These clothes are all vintage and these examples are only a few of the beauties on the rack. They're amazing--thought to be from the 50's to the 70's and in amazing shape. I think some of these clothes could be considered timeless--how about these beautiful red stripped shorts? You say this isn't the weather for shorts? Hey, summer is coming!
Another timeless example. A beautiful red pant suit--I don't know if that's the proper name for something so classic and yet so casual. Casual elegance? That sounds like a cliche to me but you get the idea.
I remember having something like this in the fifties. Beautiful. Something I've been holding back--should have confessed before you got this far. These are all small clothes--like size 4. Ouch, you say. I agree. The smallest I ever got was a size 9 and that was for a split second. Maybe you know someone this size? I do--you must! Or, lucky you, you are a size 4!
This beautiful serving dish and plate are on the 1/2 off table, good old fashioned glassware like they made years ago.
Here's a view of that 1/2 off table. Besides that bowl and plate I just showed you there are some other bowls you'd love to have (the green one!) and two large bottles toward the back that I swore were antique but am being told otherwise. Look for them, they're in the back on the left and right. A matched pair!
Still another March Dollar Rack. The garments come and go so fast. Whoosh and they're gone!