Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bears And Cows and Raggedy Ann!

Do you like the new or do you prefer the old tried and true?  I know I am right now being driven completely crazy by a new blogger system that has been thrust on me without warning--so bear with me!  This wonderful assortment of new crockery, including a cow creamer, salt and pepper down in the lower left you almost didn't see because I almost bought them.  There is also a wonderful, very strange set of glasses on either side of them.  They sit on their sides and are most beautiful and unusual!  Click on whatever you want and feast your eyes, there are wonders to behold!
I have absolutely no control over which picture loads next--maybe next time.  I am cursing under my breath but here we go!  Hope you love these tiles as much as I do.  There are four of them only two of which are in full view.  They come from London and given that the painting on the tile to the left shows a horseman wielding a bagpipe these may represent some very early visitors to the area.  These remind me of a scene I was lucky enough to see on a visit to Morocco some five years ago.  Horsemen in bright costumes on horseback rode around an oval area showing off their prowess;  they would hang over the side of their steeds with a foot in a stirrup the only thing keeping them on the horse.  Amazing horsemanship.  
Don't you just love the little bear?  The little tiger giving him a hard time is from that wonderful comic strip the name of which escapes me.  Maybe you can help me out with the name of it?  I cried when that strip closed.  Another thing I love about this picture is that beautiful perfume bottle which has a reflection below it, as does everything else, and you know how I love the magic that comes with reflections.  Somehow the reflection is more interesting when it's above rather than below.  Why is that--I don't know.  This picture may win my personal prize for the most adorable, wondrous assortment of Turnabout Shop gifts I have every seen.  Oh, I almost forgot.  There's something terrific behind the tiger.  Something beloved by sewers everywhere.

Here we have two wonderful dolls I thought were mascots for the shop and therefore not for sale.  I was wrong--they're all yours if you want them!  When I took the picture I didn't realize how I would fall in love with the mannequins on the shelf below and their wonderful hats.  The one on the right is so mysterious she's right out of Casablanca, the one in the center is daring anyone to come near her and the one to the left is reflecting on taking out the mysterious one for her hat.
Hurrah!  Hey Guys!  Because there's absolutely nothing below this picture of our wonderful Dollar Rack (take a gander at that wonderful pink sweater!) I can now put in a normal--I said normal--commentary!  Maybe that's what I should do in the future--put in a picture--print the caption, and then add another picture!  I'll keep you posted!