Friday, August 28, 2009


We have here somethings new, somethings old--all together in a fetching cupboard. Don't you love words? Like the word cupboard: a board where you keep cups? I think "board" was a term once for a cupboard, which brings this silly couple of sentences full circle. Here we keep a lot more. Look and see if anything suits your fancy. I've been eying that green dish down on the bottom shelf.
Cupboards sometimes hold plates and bowls and shiny things, which I love. What is it about shiny things? You want to hold them up and look at yourself in them? A kid would do that. I'd actually like to see a whole row of shiny stuff.
Our Books have been ignored lately and they want attention. (You notice, they capitalized themselves? Very vain are books.) Well, God Bless It, Books, you're hard to photograph so you can see all those titles! Besides, who would want a Book on Medicine, (OK I'm bowing down and capitalizing you) and old ones at that? Come on, you can do better than that. Oh, so you're good for research. OK, I can go with that.
More Books, Friends, and I can't tell what they are because I can't enlarge the picture until it's published and then I'm too lazy. That's why the Medicine Books got it. I could see them, but you notice, I'm still capitalizing them. They are so vain.

Below we have the Splendiforus Dollar Rack. I'm going to go for Spell Check sooooo fast. You try spelling Splendiforus! Blouses and shirts and maybe some pants and skirts? Well, I have to tell you. My spell check doesn't like Splendiforous. It thinks there's no such word. We know better, don't we?
Hee Hee Hee. My spell check doesn't like Hee either but hey I love to make up words. That's how words happened, for Goodness Sake!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Although there are some wonderful things in view here, what I'm interested in are those buttons. Click on the picture and zoom in on them. They're left center. Beautiful, small, delicate probably silver, but don't quote me on that.
Another view of the night sky, lovely, but what I like about the assemblage seen here is that way those necklaces have arranged themselves so artistically. Oh, I know the necklaces didn't really arrange themselves, but I like to think that. More fun.
I love this print. There are about five of these in the shop right now, another one to be seen shortly. If I had a phone I could find out the name of the artist. Right now our house is phone less unless my husband has hidden one away upstairs. We have already lost one phone, which is OK I guess but to lose two? I'm thinking we needed to get a new set of phones anyway.
This is one of the other prints by this nameless artist. One clue. His work hung in the Nut Tree Restaurant on Interstate 80, which may shortly be resurrected--at least that's what I've heard. Let's hope. The Nut Tree was a sure stop on Route 80.
The Dollar Rack again is semi hiding behind the front counter, which is sporting a couple of flags. If you look carefully, bottom center you'll see a lamp sprawling flat, trying frantically to hide. I banished it and it's feelings are hurt.

Friday, August 7, 2009


This is a treasure of "Depression Glass." I guess that means it hails from the thirties--like me. Well, what can I say. if you hail from the thirties you're OK.
I love this photograph because of the umbrella and because of the way it leans imperiously at the far left corner of the picture--as if to say, look at me! Look at me! I absolutely adore that umbrella!
I have a personal attachment to that amazingly LOUD square you see smack in front of you. What it is I have no idea but I really rock with it. I like the small mirror to the right too with that mysterious gray blue shading and what is that directly above it? Ah, the mystery of the Turnabout Shop!
Well, here we have a mirror interesting in itself--great for that special spot on the wall, but what I really love is the collection of boxes hiding from view but fully exposed in this picture. Oh My God They See Us!
I found this little mannequin hiding in a back room with arms akimbo. With the help of some scotch tape she greets you, displaying our collection of children's clothes surrounded by bears and bears and PIG! PIG! Yes, PIG is now our official mascot--not to be fooled with for he is one tough PIG.
This collection of dollar items is truly amazing and I thought you'd like the feeling of being behind the counter, for a change. Look and feast your eyes. Maybe there's something here for you!