Friday, August 15, 2014

Dolls, Ships, Jewelry and More!

We have a wonderful selection of jewelry these days--here are the latest beauties!
Don't you absolutely love this ship?  There are some mysterious things in the background which look to me to be part of a reflection!   What is it about reflections that stirs our interest?   I can't say I understand anything about the  objects in the background except I like them.  They are mysterious!You also notice, I'm sure, the wonderful set of china in the shelves below!
The shop now has a wonderful selection of toys.  Those of you who are fanciers of childhood playthings come and enjoy these lovely little dolls!
These slippers stir up memories for me.  My father once brought me a set of real Indian slippers from Arizona--carefully crafted by a local tribe.  I doubt whether we can claim the same for these but they are wonderful, I think.

This sweater is lovely and so yummy to the touch, I had to put it out for you to  enjoy!