Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Wonderful dolls for under the tree!  The one to the left looks something like an ugly Cabbage Patch Doll, and given I'm inclined to like anything ugly, that doll would be my choice!
Can you believe this helicopter?  I know a couple of little boys who would love this--my grandsons--but I'm leaving it for one of you!
This amazing set of Christmas figures reminds me of a set once owned by my wonderful neighbor, Sally Eustis, who I loved dearly.  Her's were French, I think, as that was the last country who could claim her before she moved to the US, although England was probably in there as a background pretty strongly.  One of her English friends, when talking to her over the phone once said, "Sally, you sound so American!"  She said back,  "And you sound so English!"  She had a wonderful set she brought out every Christmas, her Cresche figures.  
Someone's going to claim this unbelievably beautiful purse--just right for New Years Eve!
Christmas Houses!  I love them--don't you?  Who wouldn't?
These shelves carry everything you could possibly want to make a beautiful, festive Christmas Holiday!  Enjoy!