Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kitchen Items, Theatre Goodies, Men's Suits and More!

This coffee pot is made by Ginny and retail goes for around $75.  I must say I'm curious to see it!
This gorgeous thing is a vintage ice crusher.  How about that?
These are a whole collection of vintage Broadway show handouts--I bought one myself recently.  Wonderful and all of 25c for each one!
Father's Day is June 15, which will come before we know it.  Some fabulous and strange things show themselves here.  You know what your father likes.  Hopefully you'll find it here!
Other beautiful things for Father's Day--a marvelous suit, a shirt for warm climates, a sharp looking shirt that could go for both sport and dress and a beautiful sweater!
I am really impressed by each one.  That sport/dress shirt has a wonderful pattern; the shirt next to it is going right to Hawaii; the sweater because it looks yummy and warm goes to opposite parts of the world!
These cups and saucers and matching bowl are so beautiful I had to include them!