Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mystery, Double-Up Fun!

Hey, you know I love these double-up images. I found a bunch today which focus on a beautiful turquoise necklace. As usual, there are some mysteries here. A small green shelf is all the way to the right in the upper image, not to be seen in the lower. A necklace is cozing up to it in that upper image but is bereft and alone in the lower image. Put it out of its misery!
Not so much mystery here except for a green--maybe jade bracelet--in the top image not to be seen in the lower. The turquoise necklace is just peeking in on the right on the top.
OK, our ladies who know everything who run the shop decided that brown clasp Something is worth being displayed in this special double image. What does it hold? Secret papers from Lincoln's time? Nah; you tell me. Those interesting bracelets are now featured front and center all the way to the right and darn I don't think that bracelet is Jade.
My friend Pig is overlooking the special antique cupboard. Some new things here, people, some of them still on sale at 1/2 off! Don't ask me which ones. That's for you to discover. That's half the fun!
Our amazing, scrumptious Dollar Rack is up for the perusal of our amazing, fascinating Email Club! A lot of you like this rack. Don't be late in picking up a favorite garment at the amazing price of one dollar!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


By now, you know about the sale tomorrow. Here is a little heads-up on what will be out there. I believe, everything from the next to the bottom shelf to the first shelf are ripe for the picking. What about the very top of the cabinet? I don't know--except for Pig, which is mine!
I believe this cabinet has some items on that 1/2 off sale but don't quote me on it. It's 6:35 PM and I'm a little foggy about what is actually on sale. I do believe there's some good things. I'm working tomorrow, so I'll fight you for them. (Really a no no, so don't panic, but I couldn't resist.)
Believe it or not, this usually off-limits cabinet behind the front counter is up for grabs! Yes! There are three small plates--two on the middle shelf on the left and one on the right on the top that I might fight you for if I could, especially at 1/2 off. Really lovely. Click on the image and you'll see what I mean. Also, down on the lower shelf toward the middle are a couple of little wedding goblets for the bride and groom next to a box to keep track of all the gifts and given that we're into April with June not far away and again, for 1/2 off, why not?
Sorry--nothing on that special 1/2 off sale here. Nada. Nothing. Hey, but our stuff is worth anything you pay!
As usual, our Dollar Rack has got some great stuff. I think there was a purple blouse on this rack on my last blog . How about that purple--lavender skirt to go with it?