Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Beauties

Just look at this amazing picture.  I did not take it--thank you for this amazing photo, David!
This is not some glorious object from the stars.  It is and I quote:  a Canon Pixma MP500 Printer Scanner and Copier.  Glorious, right?
This is our appraisal cupboard and given that Christmas is now 20 days away it is filled with glorious things.  Just click and feast your eyes!
Another wonderful opportunity for feasting one's eyes.  I particularly love the set of plates down at the bottom left corner.  They're Danish and they're beautiful!
Those of you who still go to Christmas parties I thought I'd throw a couple of wonderful party dresses at you.  I would remove the bow.  Ugh.  Looks like something from my parties in the school gym when I was in the sixth grade and that was like 50 years ago, if not more.  You have a wonderful pin for that spot, right?  
This gown is glorious.  Now, you have to be little--little!  It would fit around my leg and that's it but oh is it beautiful!
I do apologize for this picture.  Truly horrible.  I've tried everything to improve it but--oh well--it has to be here and as I've been told by people who know it is chuck full of wonderful things All for one Dollar.