Monday, July 18, 2011

Miscellaneous Treasures!

This is a 100 year old spoon. Think of all the tables it has graced. Truly beautiful.
And then we come to the truly ugly but I love 'em. Frogs! Look at that top shelf. That is a true panoply of frogs.
And now we're back to the beautiful. These lovely dancing creatures are women--or maybe they're breath from a frozen lake from the Far North.
A New York City street scene? I don't know, as the sidewalk seems too ample for a city like New York and that bicycle too Midwest in flavor. I've now looked at it and guess what--it's European, maybe Paris with that table and chairs but what oh what is a Midwest bicycle doing there?
I feel like I'd like to get in there with my greedy fingers and push these babies around. What is in there? Your guess is as good as mine. Oh--the pink and gray sweater doesn't count in our naming game.