Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year Beauties!

Jewelry!  I haven't had jewelry to show for how long?
I was at the shop yesterday and got a close look at what you see here.  I particularly like the bead bracelet.  It was thought by one of my compatriots that the round oddity at one end is a nut of some kind--believe it or not--and it has some odd carving on it.  Mystery!
This bowl is perfect.  I do think it would be perfect for a salad but you know best.
I picked up one of these plates because--to me--nothing means as much for a good dish but the heaviness and solidness of it, and it passed the test.  The plate has a good, solid feel.  This is a very amazing set with everything you'd want plus some nice side dishes.
An iPod!  Sure you can download music onto your iPhone but this is perfect for hooking up to your music system at home--after downloading your favorites--and voila, push a button--you've got your favorites to listen to!
A Pokemon Game.  Those who know this game testify to how special it is.
You haven't had a chance to explore shelves for awhile.  Well, here's your chance.  Click away!
There's always a number of us out there who have friends over for coffee and some chewy commodities, or those who have meetings to prepare for--and that coffee set is beautiful.