Tuesday, November 19, 2013


An absolutely amazing selection of jewelry--need I say more?  
When I saw this assortment of Christmas goodies, I was overwhelmed.  Truly, you will be too!  I wish my camera were better because this photograph doesn't do it justice!
There are times when having a huge assortment of mugs to choose from is just what you want and here it is.
I think you're going to like this wondrous assortment of things from our front shelves--dolls dwell on the shelf all the way to the back and plates at near center and a lovely deep blue vase just right for a small bouquet poses in the center, a hula hoop of all things and some lovely silver pieces and more!  This calls for clicking big time.
I have to say that this picture, with that lovely railroad track running through the center, took my eye when I worked at the shop last week.  See the little house all the way to the right through the archway?  This is a very old piece and in need of expert help but it is beautiful.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Half-Price Wonders To Behold!

My eyes went directly to the huge decorative goose when I first saw these cupboards.  I would have sent it to a lovely sister-in-law in the midwest except for the weight!  I'll bet it weighs in the same as the real thing.
As you saw by the title on this blog, from November 6 to November 9, everything--I say everything (except things already on sale like the Dollar Rack) is 1/2 off.  You heard me--1/2 off!
These are our antique shelves and independently marked and from November 6 through November 9 everything here is 1/2 off!  That bright, beautiful platter at the top, right, would be great on a Thanksgiving table.  I wish, now, I had looked at that little blue plate at the bottom right.  It does look special!
Lots of white beauties here,  as well a a beautiful set of glasses and a beautiful bowl and so much more.  Enjoy them all, at 1/2 off from November 6 through November 9.
A bit of a mystery here--you know I love mysteries--it appears that that punch bowl is levitating.  What about that!  I'm sure you'll be able to rescue it.  A punch bowl, and just in time for the holidays and every single thing, here, 1/2 off from November 6 to November 9.  Don't miss that beautiful set of cups and saucers in the top right!
Speaking of mysteries, all of these lovely items--precious, aren't they?--are in the middle of a jumble and all totally confusing as I took the picture into a mirror.  I recall a couple of little hens toward the front, and perhaps a small crockery in the shape of a lady and many, many more things hiding somewhere in this picture.  Have fun figuring out what and where these things are and then know each and every one of these little beauties is 1/2 off from February 6 through February 9.
I can't tell you much about this lovely jacket except it's certainly not real fur you're seeing but lovely, non-the-less and from November 6 to November 9 it is 1/2 off!  Wow, you say!  It is small, so be prepared for that.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Surprise Pictures For Halloween!

These wonderful pictures--every one of them--are gifts from one of your illustrious shop managers--Melinda Harris.  Thank you Melinda!  The shop, as you can see, is all set up for Halloween.  I was in the shop last Friday and saw this table with its wonderful set of desert plates, or perhaps one would call them salad plates?  Whatever you want to call them is fine because they'll do for either.
I walked through the entire store and must tell you it looks wonderful and full of scary, nasty costumes just right for that cold night coming soon in October.

This picture, taken at an angle I've not tried before but will in the future, shows such an amazing array of wonderful things.  I'm going to try to identify some and then check later to see how close I came which I love to do--I see a wonderful white pitcher with blue flowers; a matching pair of exquisite green cups with matching saucers; a merry go round horse perched on its own stand; a poignant little sheep who may want a home; a set of candlesticks--I own the exact set and love it.  I'll let you do the rest!
What can I say?  A beautiful antique sewing machine that appears to be old enough to operate with a treadle.  This has drawers to store your sewing things.  Truly beautiful.  
Women's clothes and a peek inside our shop just prior to opening tomorrow.  Up close you can spot some tops--a green one, a red one and a deep red one which you may want to try on.  In the back, up high, a ghost who appears to not be happy at what he is reading!  

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wonders To Behold!

A wonderful dollhouse, complete with furniture.  Need I say more?
I love this set.  Sometimes the thought of having coffee in a glass is just what makes a ordinary day special and here you have the ultimate for that day! 
I love this necklace.  Little beads,  big beads, all kinds of beads!
How about that little stand for your precious little glass antiques?  I see a collection, perhaps of different creatures out of myth?  The filigree really calls for that, doesn't it?
A special glass to hold something special to bring a special day to a close.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pictures With Mysteries!

You know how I love mysteries.  I took this picture because I wanted to feature the two scarves, which are beautiful--each in their own fashion.  What's far more interesting to me is what's showing in the mirror.  I can see what appears to be a tripod for a camera, boxes with little or no reason to be there or something else strange which looks like a box because we would never feature something that's not supposed to be there.  Other things which appear to be only legible when I click on them, which I will do soon.  Fun!  Love, love, love mysteries!
I looked at all of five of these items which I may have bought but in thinking about them forgot about them, of course. What do you think the yellow pitcher could be?  Something you pour wine through to improve its taste?  There are three very interesting jewelry cases on the shelf below that strange yellow thing and below it, what came closest to coming home with me--a wicker box which I was told was delicate so only should have things in it like that stuff (can't remember name of such) that you use to make a space fragrant because you shouldn't open it often.  That wouldn't work for me so I passed it up but it's beautiful and it might work for you.

What can I say--a beautiful flower vase.  Hope its still there for you.
Another mystery.  I saw this wonderful dress when I worked at the shop on Thursday and took a picture of it.  Because I've discovered dresses present themselves better when surrounded by stuff I expanded the area around the picture.  What mystery to you see to the left with the pink jacket?  That is me, taking the picture but it would present other answers--like this weird figure grabbing for the dress like no one else can have it.   No--I admit--that is a stretch.  How about a ghost who has materialized at the Turnabout Shop and is investigating all the dresses in the shop because it hates what its wearing?  OK, far more interesting is to see the shelf of books in the background.  
For those of you who cook really big pots of spaghetti over the barbecue--or pots of chili for a crowd--the perfect pot!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Brazil and Wearables One Half Off!

These little guys are folk art from Brazil. I'm told each one is a Chessman and all handmade.    I just checked on them and everyone is different.
We're having a 1/2 off sale on all women's clothing right now, and this seems to me to be the perfect dress for that summer weather that's bound to be on us before long.  
Summer days can be interspersed with cool days and this workout outfit is perfect for unexpected weather. It really is a full length pant--it only looks like it only goes to the knees.   It's as comfortable as it is wonderful looking and isn't that what you want to wear during a workout?  Again, 50% off.
Another wonderful dress for summer and remember, it's 1/2 off!
Don't you love the look?  Maybe a little bit of the Thirties mixed in here.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


We have another wonderful selection of dolls at the Turnabout Shop right now.
I worked at the shop yesterday and there are still some available.  They're wonderful!
This is the only dress left from three or four available yesterday.  I do believe it would fit the doll above.
Here's a lovely doll--very sweet--almost like something from years ago and yet brand new!  
This box, complete with a doll, doll clothes and toy bear has a special meaning for me as my youngest son, when he was about two, had a bear very much like the one pictured and he carried it Everywhere in his grubby little fist !
I love this crazy bird.  Don't you just love him?  He has this sad expression that reaches out to you and says "Come Buy Me!"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I just got a heads up about these dolls and thought I should share them.
Meet Eliza Doolittle From My Fair Lady.  Isn't she beautiful?
If you haven't seen the movie see it!  In the scene where she's wearing this dress she's watching a horse race; Professor Higgins anxiously looking on to see how his Cockney flower girl fares in high society.  She gets excited seeing the horses run, picks a favorite and yells "Move your bloody 'arse!"

I did not take this picture (any of them--thank you David!) or I probably could identify this Barbie.  She is lovely with  a bathing suit from the past.  What age are we seeing here--how about the 50's?  Can't you feel the hot sun?  The only thing missing is the sand.  Can't you feel the hot sun?

A Barbie Doll right out of Peter Rabbit.  See Peter sprouting from her dress?
Brings me back to my childhood.  There was a big house with a huge garden right across from us in Minneapolis and I was convinced the garden belonged to Mr. McGregor and Peter Rabbit was there, enjoying a carrot.  Run Peter! 

What do we have here?  A Barbie with long hair from the Swiss Alps?
Perhaps Heidi the Swiss heroine but where's her  smelly cheese?  

This doll has to come from Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy's Anna Karenina?
I love the lushness of the red gown and the muffs and oversize collar.

This doll comes from only one place--Scotland!  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Everything Beautiful and Unusual!

I don't think I can claim this as a real fur but it is good looking and in grand shape and look at that wonderful party dress! Well, what can I say?  Graduation is coming up in a few months and it looks like exactly what's needed to fill out an evening to perfection.

This bird cage is huge.  Maybe you have a parrot that needs a new home?  Or maybe parrots don't live in cages and  all they need is their own corner of the living room.? I don't know, although one of my favorite movies "The Lady Killers", (the early one with Alec Guinness) boasts one of the funniest parrots in movie history and he wouldn't have been seen dead in a cage.
Whatever bird you have it (other than a parrot) would love this cage.
Besides being beautiful this platter is light, which means you can load a bunch of things on it and not have to have a dolly to get it to the dining room.
Another beautiful piece of glass and what a wonderful color!
Our usual astonishing dollar rack.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year Beauties!

Jewelry!  I haven't had jewelry to show for how long?
I was at the shop yesterday and got a close look at what you see here.  I particularly like the bead bracelet.  It was thought by one of my compatriots that the round oddity at one end is a nut of some kind--believe it or not--and it has some odd carving on it.  Mystery!
This bowl is perfect.  I do think it would be perfect for a salad but you know best.
I picked up one of these plates because--to me--nothing means as much for a good dish but the heaviness and solidness of it, and it passed the test.  The plate has a good, solid feel.  This is a very amazing set with everything you'd want plus some nice side dishes.
An iPod!  Sure you can download music onto your iPhone but this is perfect for hooking up to your music system at home--after downloading your favorites--and voila, push a button--you've got your favorites to listen to!
A Pokemon Game.  Those who know this game testify to how special it is.
You haven't had a chance to explore shelves for awhile.  Well, here's your chance.  Click away!
There's always a number of us out there who have friends over for coffee and some chewy commodities, or those who have meetings to prepare for--and that coffee set is beautiful.