Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amazing Art Books Plus Something For The Bed!

Seeing this wonderful painting by Peter Bruegel The Elder brings me back to a time my friend Max (4 feet 9 inches of female pulchritude) and I were in Brussels. I still recall our time at a museum there where I learned about Peter The Old and Peter The Young. I thought, for the longest time, that I preferred the young guy but lately I'm torn. They are both amazing and worth a trip to Brussels to go to that museum!
This picture does not do this beautiful bedspread justice. You have to touch it!
All of these wonderful art books are on the middle table. I was drawn to this book on American Impressionists. We know about Mary Cassatt but I'll be darned if I can remember any others. You too? All the Impressionists hailed from Paris--right? Wrong! This book should edify us both. Strange word--edify. Hope I've got it halfway right.
You meet the work of this amazing artist in Spain. I've been at the old (creaking) museum, The Prado, in Madrid. It really is tired but you come on the section with this guy and you're blown away. The Spaniards adore him. There's an amazing statue of him near to some public building there. I adore him too. I'd even go back to the Prado. (OK, Prado lovers. Back off!)
I'm told this gal is amazing. Frankly she's never done it for me. All Georgia O'Keeffe lovers unite!
We don't have an argument about this new Dollar Rack, right?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


How can I describe these? Japanese bowling balls? If anyone knows what these marvels are, let the rest of us know! How about that chair? I love that chair.
This box looks like it's straight out of the Renaissance--complete with chubby angels.
April brings a beloved religious holiday, Easter, plus Easter eggs and bunnies. Here's a special bunny. He's a music box too.
Special bunny! We're Bunnies too--adorable, wonderful Bunnies. Music box, Bah!
Our fantastic April dollar rack. There are two brilliant blue shirts (don't you love that shirt in the front?) and red and yellow sweaters or jackets--can't tell what. Hey, but people always find things they like on our Dollar Rack!