Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mishmash Heaven!

Take a look at this 2002 Minolta Dimage X, 2 megapixel with  3x internal zoom, with original manuel, software, spare memory chip, battery charger and all connecting cords--a compete package for $40.  I think if this is your baby you can be sure it''s in wonderful shape.  It's a complete package and that means, to me, that someone has been coddling it, treating it with loving care.
This mask is determined to scare the bejeebees out of us!  The gown it's wearing is spooky as well.  Don't come my way on Halloween night!
Beautiful candle holders, from Classic Copper Works.  Aren't they beautiful?
This is an original oil painting.  Really, I had to check it out when I was at the store yesterday.  It is beautiful and the frame really sets it off nicely, don't you think?
A beautiful selection on the dollar rack this time.  How about that bright yellow jacket with black stripes?  People will see you coming when you wear that!  The rack is stuffed with goodies:  a white shirt with black flower motif; a bright blue shirt.  I could go on and on!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Great Tidbits At The Turnabout Shop!

This exquisite lace tablecloth would do wonders for that sad bridge table at your house.
This lovely hanging lamp isn't a Tiffany but it's a Turnabout and handy as all get out.  I see it hanging in a bungalow from the 1930's, surrounded by marvelous pine paneling. 
This marvelous flower picture is unique--you'll find nothing like it anywhere--and it's a work of art by one of our members.  How about that?!!
This beautiful long dress with matching jacket is one of those garments that can go anywhere where you want to be really dressed up.  If I were forty pounds thinner (Ha!  I can dream, can't it?) you wouldn't see it at all because I am in love!
One of our great dollar racks maybe a bit more for the men this time but there are some women's things hiding there too!