Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Set of Beautiful Bang & Olufsen Phones--Rare Water Bottles, Norman Rockwell Plates and Mystery Frog!

This set of phones is Bang & Olufsen:BEOCom 6000 2.4 GHZ single line Cordless Phones which I'm told are rare and well worth the price being asked ($295).  The sign says the following:  Bang and Olufsen create some of the world's highest quality and most beautifully designed electronics.  The set includes 4 cordless handsets; one main base; two extension table bases;  one extension wall base; four charging adapters; one telephone line--all in original boxes.  If you're planning to upgrade your home phone system this is well worth looking into!  The main base set alone costs $295.
Here we have, believe it or not, bottles dug from East Bay water mud flats--rare and precious!
These plates by Norman Rockwell are well worth a look if you haven't seen them already.  Beautiful!  I saw an exhibition of Norman Rockwell paintings in Washington D.C. a few years ago and having anything by this artist is special.  I'd whip these out at Thanksgiving and brighten that holiday table!
I've titled this blog posting partially "Mystery Frog".  I love imagining what I'm seeing before I can click on a picture.  What I'm seeing on the far right, third shelf down from the top, may or may not be a frog but it is a mystery! 
A rather spare Dollar Rack which I'm sure will be filled with even more lovely things when you actually see it!  I'm seeing something still here from last time--a grand looking shawl or beautiful red striped shirt--not sure which it is. And how about that pair of blue jean shorts (or skirt) with that lovely big pocket or that bright red jacket all the way to the right?

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Feast For Point And Click!

I am again fighting with the new Google system  so you'll have to forgive the poor placement of these pictures.  This was supposed to be anywhere but here!   Today definitely is glass heaven so click and enjoy.
Another worthy for point and click.  See that lovely teapot in the lower right and a rose red jar on the left almost certainly meant for cookies?
  • You'll see another frustration here.  I clicked on the wrong thing and started, theoretically, a bullet list.  Can't remove it, of course.  That means that this bit of writing is stuck in a spot I rather like, if everything else was similarly stuck but I'm not preparing a business document!  Feast your eyes on a wonderful duck preparing for full flight; a silly dog on a solitary walk; and a warm, cozy house just waiting to be lit.  Earlier in the year we had a large number of these and this is the only one left.  Wonderful for the Christmas mantel--if you have a way to light it.

This is our cupboard of which we're justly proud.  It is full of wonderful items--lots of silver in those lower  display areas.  Why not prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays?  I have a friend who sets up an amazing table for the holidays and you can bet silver is there in plenty!
Look at that wonderful pair of slacks to the left.   Down the rack to the right, do you see a shawl streaked with reds and purples that might go beautifully with that pair of slacks?  Or perhaps it's a man's shirt which would show off those pair of slacks wonderfully worn on his partner! Our July 2012 Dollar Rack--special as always.