Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Stampede!

Yesterday morning this large table in the middle room was chuck full of boxes of soap, bottles of fragrances, and much much more. By the end of the day the table wasn't quite bare like Mother Hubbard's Cupboard but it was close. I figure you're the culprits!
These amazing creatures (don't they almost seem real?) feel like they come right out of the Arabian nights. They're oil lamps! All of them come with their own boxes, except for the big guy in the center.
I just love presenting this cupboard because it's so fun clicking on the pictures and seeing what's there. It looks like there are lots of lovely bowls but who knows, until you do the tour?
I love this green bottle and another Santa has made the long journey over the North Pole.
More lovely creatures from the Arabian nights. The purple gentleman toward the right looks like he's going to take right off and perform a lively dance.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Christmas Wonders!

I was taken back in time and across a great distance by these wonderful dolls. I saw them come in. They are handmade--there's one more I couldn't fit in the picture--and they are lovingly made.My sister-in-law from Philadelphia has a doll like this that has been sitting on a little chair in her living room for as long as I can remember. Don't they look squishable, dolls that are just meant for tea parties!
Talk about things out of the past. City Halls no longer look like this--except in our dreams. Each of these houses (about half a dozen or so remain) comes with their own lights and really, wouldn't this one be wonderful on a mantel?
A exquisite salad bowl and what look like satin ornaments. The bowl gets even better when you click on the picture!
Truly something from my past. This Santa looks like he's come over the North Pole, straight from Norway--and carrying a little Christmas tree, just for you. The plate is beautiful, so delicate--for bread or Christmas cookies?
The way to truly appreciate this beautiful crotched table cloth is to click on the picture. If you were fortunate enough to have a parent that enjoyed beautiful things you'd remember it being brought out for special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. It needs a big table and a even bigger room to show it off.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You Won't Believe The Shop!

I was overwhelmed. There's no way I can even begin to show you the magic--but I'll try. These reindeer on your mantel? Get there early!
This purse--a beauty! Need I say more?
How about these bracelets? Have you ever seen such a display? Get there early!
This ornament belongs at the top of your Christmas tree.
How about these pins? I love the teapot. Get there early!
This amazing display of village houses (each comes with it's own light) stretches all the way across the bookshelves. Look for the post office. You'll love it!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jewelry and Scarves and More Mysteries!

I've been ignoring the long, jewelry counter you see as you first walk in the shop. Shame on me! That is the first place people look! Anyway, I'm forgiven, because here you have a wonderful assortment of earrings and other beautiful goodies and just in time for Christmas. Too early? I know, but I put off Christmas too and then, blast, I realize a dear friend would have just loved those crazy Zebra colored earrings but by then they're gone!
I want to talk about the great things in our antique cupboard but, as we have somewhere in the neighborhood of ten new members (thank you!) and I need to tell them what you all know. Click on each picture once and it expands; then click on what you want to get an even closer look at and it expands again! On to that marvelous cupboard--we are overwhelmed with chains right now. OK, so that's not quite the word, but there are a beautiful bunch just waiting to be spotted. You know, you have that pendant or that pin that you've hung on a chain and it isn't quite right. I'll bet one of these beauties would give it a whole new look. And look at that bracelet watch! That, my friends, is unique!
I'm rather late with these scarves and wonderful hats that look like they're just waiting to be taken to Tahoe, but there are still a lot left! Really, aren't they glorious?
Another view of the same table but this time a mystery object appears--actually--mystery objects and you know how I love mysteries! Demitasse cups (love 'em!) and a clock and a basket full of more mysteries.
Another wonderful Dollar Rack. This rack changes daily. I see a great blue stripped shirt I should have picked up for my husband. I am constantly amazed at the wonders on this rack and all for a dollar!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Halloween is nearly upon us, and in honor of a holiday beloved by children everywhere, these scary figures are on display. I bet you could collect a whole book full of Halloween stories, some well known, some not so well known. I remember being frightened by a truly ghastly ghost when I was about three. Among the well known examples of scary stories, we have Frankenstein and is that a witch in Puritan dress? Truly strange, but hey, how fun! Oh, is that Dracula standing front and center and a couple, if not three jack-o-lanterns?
This guitar just arrived in the shop. It comes complete with case. It is yet to be on display but I'm told, by the powers to be, that it will show itself soon in one of our sumptuous rooms. It isn't only the lovely rich color but the gentle curved lines that catch the eye. Guitars are truly beautiful and this one competes with the rest! Here are the particulars on it: it's a Kaman (Montana), 3/4 sized classical acoustic guitar with a soft shell case, Model CL240, $85. In excellent condition--case has minor wear.
This cupboard has been ignored lately and I decided it was about time to show it off again. Front and center we have an unusual display of jewelry and two lamp bases which only need light bulbs and shades and as we have a lot of shades hiding away on an upper shelf in the book room, perhaps you could go out with a matching set of lamps absolutely meant for a little one's bedroom! Browse around the shelves and you'll find other things well worth the perusal, like that wonderful glass figure of a zebra!
Sometimes a group of items blend together to make the perfect picture and I think you'd agree this is one of them. Love the angel and the pin decorated with red beads and the bracelet with blue Thingies on it. My God, there must be an actual word "Thingies" because my spelling program didn't throw a fit when I typed it. Hey, I haven't hit the spelling icon yet so it may erupt yet but I like the word so it stays!
A bit more of the Turnabout is on display here--look toward the end of the display of dollar items and one of our shelves is peeking out. Maybe if you click on the picture and then click again on that shelf the items will pop out. As usual, an amazing number of wonderful garments are for sale on the Dollar Rack--all to be had for $1.00!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Silk Purse Or Sows Ear?

You know this is a Silk Purse, right? I'm wishing I had picked them up when I took this picture. Anyway, here they are. Click on them once, then twice to get the full effect. Confused? Try it. Click one time and everything gets bigger; click a second time and what you've clicked on gets bigger yet. Amazing? Right!
Another Silk Purse. When are we getting to the Sows Ear? Who knows?!! I love that pendant in the center and those necklaces on either side aren't bad either. Plus--you know how I love mysteries. What's that peaking out at the upper right? I guess a compact. And at the middle left? I haven't a clue. A tray? Maybe--but I see what looks like a cup of very hot coffee there. No place for a hot cup of coffee. All right, so I have an imagination.
Sows Ear? Well, I don't know as a number of these mugs have a special message on them and if you're into mugs with special messages you're going to want one of them. There's also a couple of mystery gadgets here on the mug bottom shelf--one that looks like one of two things: a very lethal looking fork which could inflict major damage or something incredibly useful when you're trying to spear something big and tough on the stove. You don't cook anything that comes out tough? Lucky you.
Another possible Sows Ear? Well, I don't know as some of us just love tea shirts with messages on them and we have got quite a collection. I have one which my husband stripped off of a buddy after a very energetic tennis game which says: "It's Never Too Early For Wine." It was my birthday and he had forgotten.
A Sows Ear? No Way! As you'll remember, I was working at the shop one day when twelve great items on this rack walked out within a half hours time. This is our Dollar Rack and as full of great goodies as usual!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ice Cream Cones From Another World? What?!!

Really, what are these yummy concoctions? Yarn? Hey guys, I know nothing about yarn. Pretty stuff, though right? I'm kidding--I truly am. I haven't had my hands around a strand of yarn in ages but I know yarn when I see it and this rust colored stuff is gorgeous! I used to crochet; once started a small (very small) throw with different colored yarns. I'm afraid it wasted away in our closet and that was the end of my crocheting.
What you can't tell here is the textures of these yarns. I know the rust colored one above is probably somewhat rough to the touch. Am I right? Still, it can't be or you wouldn't want it near you! I am now exposing my true ignorance around the subject of yarns. I believe this white yarn to be soft--just what you want close to your face. Truly yummy! What someone named Carol has to do with yarn I have no idea but there , toward the back of the picture, are cans? I don't know--something with the name "Carol" on them. The green things sticking up in the back? Knitting needles! That I know! Don't embarrass me now and tell me I'm wrong.
Another great hunk of yarn inside a great wooden box which has barely shown its face before now. This is a great--an almost certainly antique box--meant to hold sewing supplies, but it could be used for storing yarns, too.
I believe these yarns are meant to be used in weaving. If I ever get back to having some sort of yarn in my hand again it would be with one of these gorgeous yarns as I love the idea of weaving a rug.
Here is our August Dollar Rack which changes daily. Gorgeous boy's sweater to the left: I've been told there are some great back to school clothes on sale here--all for the unbelievable price of one dollar!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bracelets and More!

Thanks to a new camera (the old one died) we have an exquisite photograph of a gold bracelet now on display on the Turnabout. Is it a bracelet or a mystery in gold?
I have to say perhaps it's the new camera or I don't know what, but pay close attention. I just discovered after you click on a picture and it expands you can click on a particular article in the picture you want a closer look at and it blows up that image too. Try it. How about that?!! Back to the picture: I think this is a bracelet for a lucky little girl but don't quote me. It is lovely. I think I'll keep my new camera!
I've been inclined to look with disdain at the silly table things on the top shelf but they do have a certain, winning look about them--all looking straight ahead and pointing to the left. I love that our great co-chairman, Barbara and Diana, placed them all pointing to the left. Silly? Right! Here you see a winning sense of humor!
Glass is the name of the game here. Look at the delicate pieces in the lower center. The objects on either side are globes: you touch them just so and they spin!
Here is our July Dollar Rack once again. Some of these goodies must be on this rack yet--or---perhaps even better stuff because it's changed daily!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is a great way to introduce the masks that presently sit, proudly, in our front window. I'm sorry, I can't introduce these guys, other than in my fashion. This mask I'll name "Village Henchman." What has caused this reaction? Maybe his woman, Constant, Truly Loyal Wife wants to go out to dinner.
OK. He gets mad. Won't take her out to dinner. Then, of course, she gets mad and won't fix him dinner. Two days later, when he's prostrate on the ground from hunger, he gets her these beads to placate her.
Our heroine is from a far distant village where the finest of cuisine grows and has to load her little horse up with whatever Goodies husband might want for dinner so she can put that dinner on the table. Poor horse can't take too much at a time as he's only made of straw. OK, so he's a special horse, loves his mistress, and will do anything for her, but for her husband? Nah. So, she has to plead with him to bring whatever the Master wants. Very painful. No wonder she gets mad when he refuses her a night out on the town.
Well, the Elders in the Village get to gossiping about this Trauma between their Village Henchman and his Usually Constant, Truly Loving Wife. Sorry, We'll have to wait until the next installment to find out what happened to Village Henchman and his Constant, Truly Loving Wife. Is he still hungry?
Our Dollar Rack is absolutely bursting with Goodies. Hey Guys, I worked in the shop last week and one gal I waited on took twelve items off this rack. She had a whole bunch of friends, and/or relatives she wanted to gift. This was an amazing group of Goodies. Beautiful women's suits, blouses, lovely pairs of slacks. I mean, this lady had a steal going because each woman's suit was probably at least ten times that much when it was hanging on our shelves!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wonderful Russian Folk Art And Other Treasures!

These great examples of Russian folk art are at the Turnabout Shop, thanks to David Mandel, one of our volunteers. David presented these charming pieces of art to the shop as a gift from his parents. Thank you, David! This Bakery Shop, with customers, sits on a table in the book room, along with the other charming figures shown below. While you're perusing the collection be sure to read about David's father, who has a fascinating history.

More Russian dolls anxious to get to the Bakery Shop for some of that wonderful bread!
Here we have a bright blue and green plate, as well as a wooden bowl with what looks like horse-head handles! As usual I can't tell what the piece of pottery is next to the plate, maybe a jar to hold olive oil? I'll have to wait until I tap twice on the picture, which is like opening a box of treasures in a magic cave!
Tap on this picture twice and take a look at that curious wooden treasure next to the vase at the far right. It contains a little drawer, which could hold stamps, or paper clips, maybe even a tiny scissor. Whatever you want can reside in that drawer as long as it's small. I find this object particularly interesting as it's very modern, while most of the other things to be seen on the table are old and quaint. Also, while just about everything else appears to be Russian in origin, the box all the way to the left looks to be Japanese! David's parents have an international collection, it seems!
Our wonderful Dollar Rack, filled with so many things--shirts and sweaters and blouses. Don't miss it!