Saturday, April 14, 2012

Have I Got A Story For You!

A 50 piece set of fine silver plate in exquisite shape. Isn't it beautiful? I have to think the set is pretty old, given the shape of that fabric. I saw it on Saturday and can tell you that fabric looked old. Sorry, the shop no longer has it. Larry Bruderer, the gentleman who does and who is a member of the shop's email club, told me this amazing story as to how and why he bought it from the shop. Larry, thank you for coming in to tell me this story. It is a tale worth telling.

Sometime recently Larry came into the shop, saw this set for sale (for $75) and got quite excited because he thought he and his partner had a set very much like it at home, even to the monogrammed M on the front of the pieces and there were some pieces missing from the set. He ran back home, picked up a piece or two and came back with them, and sure enough--the very same set. OK, you say, that's not so unusual. Go down to Macy's and you may find a nice set of silver plate and buy it and a lot of other folks may see it and like the same set and buy it and a lot of young women have first names beginning with M and their name is often monogrammed on their silver or silver plate. However, Patrician, the pattern on this set and
on Larry's partner's set----dates from 1914. How about that? How many sets are there floating around the pattern of which dates from 1914? many identical sets with patterns from 1914? Infinitesimal! Parts of Larry's partner's set have gotten lost over the years, as will happen but they both started out the very same way.

Now how did his partner get this set? Eighty years ago, Larry's partner's mother was given this set in Concord, New Hampshire in a Gift Hope Chest. She got a lot of pleasure out of this lovely set of silver plate and Larry and his partner now enjoy it.

Now, is that a story or is that a story?!!