Friday, March 28, 2014

Easter Bunnies, Prom Dresses and More!

Isn't this Easter Bunny Mom the best ever?  A true Mom--taking care of her baby as only an Easter Bunny Mom can.
We have some wonderful hats to go with your new Easter outfit.  And look--a Corduroy book.  Love it!
More wonderful Easter hats guarded over by a bunny.  He may look harmless but you have to get by him to get to those hats.
Don't you love this Easter outfit complete with hat? It's getting warm enough to wear it in comfort.
It's coming close to prom time and we have some wonderful prom dresses, as you can see.
Two more wonderful prom dresses.  Have to warm you--these are small--even at age 17 I wouldn't have been able to get into either of these but we have other wonderful prom dresses and who knows, one may just may fit the important prom person in your life!