Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Double Glory!

Don't you love this image? Things in double are fascinating. What's most interesting to me is that I didn't think I had this image at all. All the contortions I went through to try to get it and all for nought, I thought, and then voila! Magic! What's most fun to me is I catch some things in the upper image not available in the lower image.
Talk about contortions. At first I removed these two mirrors and took a couple of pictures. Diddly Squat--nothing--nada. So I put them back and no blinding flash obscured the picture (the reason the two beauties went in the first place)--just a lovely image. My recollection is that bracelet to the left is worth a look, as well as those earrings showing off for you, front and center.
This image refused to double up, and they're in the same cabinet. Sibling rivalry? Oh yes. Nice earrings to the left and some interesting chains. What is that necklace to the right announcing itself so rudely? Yikes!
Some new things here, a glass figurine of a rooster on the bottom shelf toward the left as well as some interesting plates. We are featuring that wonderful antique army coffee pot (all right, it's not a coffee pot but I can't think what else to call it) and it's marked down! Wonders will never cease!
What a panoply of color this Dollar Rack displays so proudly: pinks and reds and blues and purples. It's a rainbow!