Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holiday Happening!

In last week's blog posting I said this cupboard would be replenished and here it is! This is a special time for the Turnabout when all the members donate special things for the holidays. This cupboard is fairly bursting with great things! Remember we're open at 12 PM today! Yes, today--Wednesday--first time ever.
I love seeing this picture blown up. Yes, I do peek once in awhile. There's a tiger pacing at the end of a necklace and maybe some turquoise to the left and beads, beads, beads!
I'm not sure about that red necklace to the right. What do you think? Maybe it would be absolutely stunning with a classic black dress. Do they make those anymore? Lots of wonderful things here and on display for the first time. I am excited. Can you tell?
Our mascot, Pig, got annoyed that I wasn't featuring our antique cupboard so here it is once again. Lots of great things here for the Holidays. Just click on the picture and feast your eyes.
Again we have some boxes terribly shy about being spied upon under the counter. This is an amazing mirror, by the way. It's just dying to hang in that important place--somewhere!
Again, a new dollar rack! I see an amazing assemblage of clothes here: shirts and blouses of all kinds but no slacks on hand I'm afraid unless you spot something I'm missing.

Enjoy the Turnabout Shop's Holiday Happening!

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  1. Are you the same Turnabout Shop that used to be on Grove (now MLK) in Berkeley, at Delaware, I think? If so, do you happen to remember the actual address of that location?