Tuesday, April 6, 2010


By now, you know about the sale tomorrow. Here is a little heads-up on what will be out there. I believe, everything from the next to the bottom shelf to the first shelf are ripe for the picking. What about the very top of the cabinet? I don't know--except for Pig, which is mine!
I believe this cabinet has some items on that 1/2 off sale but don't quote me on it. It's 6:35 PM and I'm a little foggy about what is actually on sale. I do believe there's some good things. I'm working tomorrow, so I'll fight you for them. (Really a no no, so don't panic, but I couldn't resist.)
Believe it or not, this usually off-limits cabinet behind the front counter is up for grabs! Yes! There are three small plates--two on the middle shelf on the left and one on the right on the top that I might fight you for if I could, especially at 1/2 off. Really lovely. Click on the image and you'll see what I mean. Also, down on the lower shelf toward the middle are a couple of little wedding goblets for the bride and groom next to a box to keep track of all the gifts and given that we're into April with June not far away and again, for 1/2 off, why not?
Sorry--nothing on that special 1/2 off sale here. Nada. Nothing. Hey, but our stuff is worth anything you pay!
As usual, our Dollar Rack has got some great stuff. I think there was a purple blouse on this rack on my last blog . How about that purple--lavender skirt to go with it?

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