Thursday, January 27, 2011

Harley Davidson Mysteries!

Here is Harley in the flesh. Don't you like that debonair look? The hat does it. I can see Harley riding with Marlon in The Wild One. Harley, for now--poor fellow--resides on the table in the middle room.
He is surrounded by his gang. I've never been on a motorcycle, I am deathly afraid of anything that goes fast, but there was a scene in The Wild One that made me think I was missing something. Remember? Marlon has taken the girl he's met in the town he and his gang have invaded for a ride on his motorcycle. There is something in that scene: you can feel the bike under you; you can feel the breeze. Magic!
I'm just showing you this picture because I like the symmetry of that fan-like set of knives (eight of 'em!); matched by the perfect set of spoons and forks displayed below. It's really a pretty darn special set of silver plate actually: nice, simple but elegant design. Sometimes things this old look like they've been run over by a truck.
See that flippy thing waving its arms at you to the right? It refused to let me save this picture until I included it. Really. I tried three times. No luck. Flippy got her way.
I'm sure you've noticed that our Dollar Rack has moved to the clothing room in the back until the weather decides it's going to stay nice. As usual, an amazing display.

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