Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dragons and Buttons!

I would not like to tangle with this guy but I have to admit he's amazing. This is an art form of the finest order--the kind of thing you find hanging in a museum.
And he's on a kimono. Again, museum material!
We now switch from dragons from the Far East to the all American art form--the button. Just feel your hand moving through this treasure. I've done it and the feeling is delicious. There are some amazing buttons here--just a little patience and you will find the button you've always wanted!
Our cupboard over the counter has a real potpourri on display: dolls and penguins; a miniature three drawer chest; a charming Japanese figure; cookie jars and more!
Our June Dollar Rack and isn't it amazing. Look at that vest in the front--you either are going to love it or hate it. As my Mother-In-Law used to say, that's why there are apples and oranges.


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    1. I have no idea whether this will reach whoever signed themselves "Adequate Steel Farbricators". I wanted you to know I appreciate your comment. This blog gets very few comments so I check back through for one only once in a while. I now see that you seem to read the blog pretty continuously, for which I am very appreciative!
      Perhaps you'll see this comment. I hope so!

      I'll read through these babies a bit more often in the future!