Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mystery Spooky Picture! A Dinner Napkin For A Giant!

I first saw this wonderful decorative ball all by itself, without the stand, and I just had to pick it up. It's light--believe it or not. The stand? Well, the stand is a wonder!
I've been told that this (along with a whole table full of similar fun things) is a pillow case for a child's bed. I can see other possibilities for it: a piece for a quilt; an apron for said child; a dinner napkin for a giant?
We have a new cupboard, only half of which you see here. Each shelf shows off one or two things to perfection. I always look forward to saving one of these postings so I can go to each shelf and click away to my heart's content. Yahoo has decided to mess the whole process up and you now no longer have a way to click on each object twice, for which I an a little irritated. For those of us that still have a fair amount of child in them, clicking on an object and having it expand magically is a joy and not to be messed with!
I have no idea what this is but I love it! It combines grandeur with spookiness. Makes me shudder to look at it. I may just have to go get it with the sole purpose of irritating my husband. "Either that goes or you go!" There's a story, here, Folks, not only in what you see in front of you in all its spooky grandeur but someone has gone to a lot of trouble to write something on the bottom. Love it!
I have to apologize for this photograph. I took this picture in the afternoon when the sun was setting. No amount of fooling around with the image is going to allow one to properly see the garment on the left, which I believe is a handsome man's suit. Anyway, we have some good things on the Dollar Rack and this time you'll just have to check them out on your own.

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