Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Everything Beautiful and Unusual!

I don't think I can claim this as a real fur but it is good looking and in grand shape and look at that wonderful party dress! Well, what can I say?  Graduation is coming up in a few months and it looks like exactly what's needed to fill out an evening to perfection.

This bird cage is huge.  Maybe you have a parrot that needs a new home?  Or maybe parrots don't live in cages and  all they need is their own corner of the living room.? I don't know, although one of my favorite movies "The Lady Killers", (the early one with Alec Guinness) boasts one of the funniest parrots in movie history and he wouldn't have been seen dead in a cage.
Whatever bird you have it (other than a parrot) would love this cage.
Besides being beautiful this platter is light, which means you can load a bunch of things on it and not have to have a dolly to get it to the dining room.
Another beautiful piece of glass and what a wonderful color!
Our usual astonishing dollar rack.

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