Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I received all of these great pictures a half hour ago from one of our new shop managers and I do hope I'm right in identifying them because I haven't seen them in the flesh!  With that disclaimer in place, here, for your perusal, is a beautiful Gucci scarf!  
Another Gucci Scarf.  These beautiful scarves are hot off the press.

This is a quilt and how marvelous it is.  We have a beautiful picture to show it off and I don't believe I need say one more thing to sing its praises!
Vintage ribbon and how many there are!  I just squirreled around in a couple of drawers at my home to find some ribbon for a gift I was sending to a friend and wouldn't I have loved to have some of these to choose from!
A dollhouse with a couple of little rocking chairs to choose from.  This looks perfect for a very little girl to play with!

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