Monday, September 22, 2014

Cameras, Old And New, And Wonderful Accessories!

Our important camera person, David Mandel, has come up with these beautiful cameras and accessories.  First of all, a Canon FT QL 35 mm with 58 mm Lens.  $110.   The camera body sells on ebay for about $40.   This camera  (new) comes with three lens options and the lens we're providing is the most valuable of the three options.  The lens alone sells USED for $110 to $390 so $110 is a good deal!
Another beautiful camera--an Olympus Accura View 80 QD 35 mm and it sells for only $6.  What did we do to take a picture before someone invented the camera?  Something to do with exposing a piece of paper to the sun.  We have come a long ways.  These cameras--everyone of them--are truly works of art!
Another gorgeous camera:  this Olympus Infinity Stylus Epic Multi AF 35 mm c.1997 sells for $20.  Interesting how beautifully it fits in the hands.
Those of you who are serious photographers need flashes and these flashes are:  a Canon Speedlite 155A; a Minolta Auto 128; a Nikon SPEEDLITE 5B-23; a Vivvitar 50 and a Vivvitar Auto 200 $3 to $13.
As you can see, this is a Minolta Hi-Matic F 35 mm camera c.1972 for all of $8 and if I'm not mistaken it comes with its own case!

This is a 1950's Heiland Research Syncronite Reflex Twin Flash With  11 Westinghouse 192 B bulbs all for $12.  This object looks like it puts out a lot of light!
This is a Konica X-24 AUTO Flash with Case and Original Box $12 .
This thing is pretty impressive if strange, what can it be for?  It is a 1960's Folding Angle Bracket For a Flash Accessory.  How about that?

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