Monday, February 9, 2015

Fascinating Assortment: Leather Garments; Plate; Sewing Machine and Abalone Tool!

This beautiful leather coat is from Saks Fifth Avenue!  I wonder whether Saks  still does a number where it brings you clothes to look at (like in Pretty Woman).  That's my memory of Saks.  Nah--no more, right?
Have you ever seen such a beautiful plate?  I haven't--bar none--and I have a plate I bought in Morocco years ago that made a friend's eyes bug out it was so expensive. and it's not as beautiful as this one.  Those are Chinese Quail--by the way.  
Another beautiful leather garment--a men's jacket, size small.  All you tidy looking men, come running!
A Singer Sewing Machine.  Those of you with itchy fingers for thread, this is for you!
Believe it or not, this is an abalone diver's tool.  Don't say we don't get unusual things at the Turnabout  Shop!

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