Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Wonderful Assortment Of Art Objects At The Turnabout!

This picture is bursting with wonderful things--so many I have trouble knowing where to start.    The plate standing in the center takes my eye first--it's truly unusual and I believe is homemade--as are, I believe, the two plates to the right.  Behind them is an ancient photograph of a very proud, and beautiful family.
This is a wonderful grouping of handmade plates.  Aren't they wonderful?  This particular size of plate is harder to find, isn't it, and just perfect for any number of things--desert, salad?  

I'm struck by how unusual this plate is.  Again, I wonder whether it's homemade?  It would hold any number of dishes and blend in with any number of color schemes.

A beautiful painting with every color imaginable.  It's already framed and I believe you couldn't do much better than the silver frame around it!

Isn't this a beautiful pair of earrings?  Again, our special jewelry person, Annie, has done it again.  This is just one of a beautiful assortment of earrings.

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