Friday, August 7, 2009


This is a treasure of "Depression Glass." I guess that means it hails from the thirties--like me. Well, what can I say. if you hail from the thirties you're OK.
I love this photograph because of the umbrella and because of the way it leans imperiously at the far left corner of the picture--as if to say, look at me! Look at me! I absolutely adore that umbrella!
I have a personal attachment to that amazingly LOUD square you see smack in front of you. What it is I have no idea but I really rock with it. I like the small mirror to the right too with that mysterious gray blue shading and what is that directly above it? Ah, the mystery of the Turnabout Shop!
Well, here we have a mirror interesting in itself--great for that special spot on the wall, but what I really love is the collection of boxes hiding from view but fully exposed in this picture. Oh My God They See Us!
I found this little mannequin hiding in a back room with arms akimbo. With the help of some scotch tape she greets you, displaying our collection of children's clothes surrounded by bears and bears and PIG! PIG! Yes, PIG is now our official mascot--not to be fooled with for he is one tough PIG.
This collection of dollar items is truly amazing and I thought you'd like the feeling of being behind the counter, for a change. Look and feast your eyes. Maybe there's something here for you!

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