Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Night Sky With Feathers: What Could Be Better?

I'm hoping, should you go shopping at the Turnabout soon, you will still find some of these beauties. While I worked at the shop last Thursday, the delicate necklace below the necklace with turquoise was sold.
Tennis Rackets with Lamps and Flowers. I love the way they all work together and it happened the way the best things often happen--by accident!

I can hardly wait until I can expand this first picture of the night sky. Scrumptious!
Which night sky is better? It's a toss up, not to be decided until they are both out there in all their glory.
Is this a picture of a teapot and a water pitcher and a cup without a handle? And what is hiding in lower center? The cover for the teapot? You tell me. All I know is I enjoyed looking at this beautifully framed print in the shop last Thursday.
The feathers you see here may be from a Pheasant, like many I used to see in our yard in Minnesota. I hope this bird isn't deceased--but probably that's the way this gorgeous array arrived at the shop. What to do with them? Creativity is called for!
This Dollar Rack was outside basking in the sun last Thursday. I hope the shop still has the same Dollar Rack but you will have to find out for yourself, I'm afraid.

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