Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Night Sky And Other Offerings!

Here we come to the last offering for our October sale. Oops. No. You can't have any of these for 1/2 off. Sorry. I must say I'm confused. Anyway, these lovely items from the night sky are beautiful as well as beautifully priced.
I must say our beautiful jewelry case is looking bereft these days. It's waiting for new offerings, come next week. Still, there are some interesting things here. I like that necklace toward the left that looks like an offering for a cashmere sweater in Autumn colors. Sorry, I'm not featuring the sweater. Those great silver buttons are still there, too. Doesn't anyone sew anymore?

Before I take us on a tour of these shelves, I have to say that if any of the items you see in the store have a white rectangular sticker on them they're not half price. I just peeked at both shelves in their full glory and hey, I'm nervous, there are such great things here. Truly, truly beautiful! If the item you're interested in doesn't have that blasted sticker, you're OK. It's half price. There's some of that thirties depression glass there--actually, maybe quite a bit and that's an absolutely lovely vase on the lower shelf, all the way to the right and there's a lot of other good stuff here: pitchers, coffee pots, vases and more. This wasn't quite shot with the "between the legs" dexterity (you've seen tennis players do that, right?) but I must say I am getting good at taking these pictures. I'll really claim that, after I see the full blown version. All of this goes for half price Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week and then the sale is only a memory. October comes to an end soon and that's when this sale bids goodbye too. Haven't you just loved this sale?
Again, watch out for the rectangular sticker. Is that hale and hearty Minnesotan, the proud pheasant, still there? Yes, and you can take it home for 1/2 price, as well as anything else in this cupboard, unless, of course, it has that rectangular white sticker. I remember Fall days in Minneapolis at our home on Lake Harriet: a brisk October wind blowing, and an even heartier version of this guy in our yard. Little cups grace the fourth shelf from the bottom and what is that silly thing almost square in the center, second shelf from the bottom? The chef from the movie with the clever rats? Oooo I love him. It's got to be him! I can't wait to see if that's him--or a reasonable facsimile. I'd take that reasonable facsimile and go on a pretend party. Actually, I can't go on that pretend party, after all. When I peeked I had to look at what I thought was that chef or its facsimile and the mistake is so funny I just had to leave it. I didn't peek at anything else, I do so love being surprised. There's another lovely, perhaps depression glass bowl, just waiting to hold a Thanksgiving offering of apples. The platter close by has to be depression glass, but I'll only know when I see it hale and hearty.
Here you have our Dollar Rack once again, and sorry, everything here is still a dollar. I am becoming more and more fond of fabrics. There is a lovely red jacket and a pink one just to the left of it and believe it or not, the sleeve of a red striped blouse that would go beautifully with either one peeking out at you all the way to the left. A couple of men's stern gray jackets hang in the center and a potpourri of shirts of many colors to perk them up peek out here and there. I'm not for gray on my guy but with a lovely shirt to liven it up and pull out all those gradations of gray, that I'd go for!

Above the rack, you see just a bit of that wonderful Nut Tree artist's work. Sorry, I've just been told--the blessed white sticker again so anything by the artist that's in the shop is full price. Do have a grand time shopping and watch for that white, rectangular sticker!

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