Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Is Looking Up!

I finally figured out I could take a picture of the jewelry case with the cover up which shows off more of this wonderful assortment. I particularly like the earrings on display. And our special sale on jewelry is still in force, Guys! Anything in this case or in the cabinet are 1/2 off.
Again I'm going to play my guessing game which I've done to smashingly poor results in the past but here goes anyway: all the way to top right, is that a squirrel's tail or a shell? I'm going to leave you to guess what the bar going across the bottom of the picture is. I know but I'm embarrassed to say.
Many lovely pieces of glass in this cupboard. No more need be said--just click on the picture and take a look! I misspoke last time and called some regular (although lovely) china cups demitasse cups but I really believe we've got quite an assortment of that very thing all the way to the right, fourth shelf from the bottom.
Pig is overseeing our antique cupboard, which always has some things that wouldn't be there if I took the time to shop when I take these pictures. I'm particularly fond of that deep rose color that makes me think of Minnesota in the Fall and all the way to the bottom right are some objects of that particular color you just might not find when you get there as I'm working today!
The Dollar Rack has lots of warm, yummy stuff to pile into at night when the wind is blowing and the temperature is down in the 30's and 40's as it's been lately. Brrrrrrr! When will it stop? Also, lots of jeans and other slacks--mostly women's I think--and every last thing on this rack can be had for for the altogether amazing price of one dollar!

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