Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I do think we have the blahs going strong in January after the excitement of Christmas and Hanukkah and New Years and that's why I'm showing this absolutely wonderful plate first. A little jolt of energy? Wonderful!
This little guy doesn't have the blahs. He's cold! Whatever is he doing out there without his parents? You know the movie--these little guys cuddle up to their parents (often their daddies) because where they come from it's cold!
I have a book given to me by one of my sons that had an early horse pictured in it and this picture reminds of it. Early horses were short and stocky. When, oh when, did you hear the word "stocky" meaning something good? This horse deserves a central place on your wall--he's that special!
Seldom have I been able to give Pig a central place on my blog page and here he's fighting with some nice things which perhaps you haven't seen, or if you have, you haven't given them your full attention. There's a lovely set of china, a lovely doll in its own case, lovely demitasse cups which just demand a whole set of stern ladies to enjoy them.
The Turnabout Dollar Rack with a whole lot of lovely skirts! Do come in and take a look!

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