Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is a great way to introduce the masks that presently sit, proudly, in our front window. I'm sorry, I can't introduce these guys, other than in my fashion. This mask I'll name "Village Henchman." What has caused this reaction? Maybe his woman, Constant, Truly Loyal Wife wants to go out to dinner.
OK. He gets mad. Won't take her out to dinner. Then, of course, she gets mad and won't fix him dinner. Two days later, when he's prostrate on the ground from hunger, he gets her these beads to placate her.
Our heroine is from a far distant village where the finest of cuisine grows and has to load her little horse up with whatever Goodies husband might want for dinner so she can put that dinner on the table. Poor horse can't take too much at a time as he's only made of straw. OK, so he's a special horse, loves his mistress, and will do anything for her, but for her husband? Nah. So, she has to plead with him to bring whatever the Master wants. Very painful. No wonder she gets mad when he refuses her a night out on the town.
Well, the Elders in the Village get to gossiping about this Trauma between their Village Henchman and his Usually Constant, Truly Loving Wife. Sorry, We'll have to wait until the next installment to find out what happened to Village Henchman and his Constant, Truly Loving Wife. Is he still hungry?
Our Dollar Rack is absolutely bursting with Goodies. Hey Guys, I worked in the shop last week and one gal I waited on took twelve items off this rack. She had a whole bunch of friends, and/or relatives she wanted to gift. This was an amazing group of Goodies. Beautiful women's suits, blouses, lovely pairs of slacks. I mean, this lady had a steal going because each woman's suit was probably at least ten times that much when it was hanging on our shelves!

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  1. That mask looks a lot like my father when he gets into one of his religious fits...